Guide for Doctoral Studies

Doctoral study guide (pdf) provides information regarding:

  1. Objectives of doctoral studies
  2. Application and registration for doctoral studies
  3. Supervision of research
  4. Structure of doctoral degree
  5. Examination of doctoral dissertation
  6. Doctoral dissertation requirements
  7. Licentiate degree

Previous Doctoral study guides: 2015 (pdf) , 2016 (pdf), 2017 (pdf)

See also JYU Graduate School’s Guide for Doctoral Studies.

All JSBE doctoral students must register for every academic year, see Enrolment and annual registration

JSBE doctoral students have follow-up groups, which provides supervisory support, promote and monitor the progress of postgraduate studies and dissertation work and support the doctoral student’s career planning.

Admission to JSBE Doctoral Programmes does not automatically guarantee funding but doctoral students plan funding of doctoral studies with their supervisor and follow-up group.

Doctoral students are advised to familiarize themselves with the examination of doctoral dissertation process.

The learning goals and objectives for the JSBE doctoral programs are described in a separate pdf-document.