General Guidelines
  • Admission to a JSBE Doctoral Programme does not guarantee funding. That is, scholarships are not linked to an acceptance of doctoral school application. However, together with the doctoral students, the JSBE faculty is seeking full-time funding for its doctoral students.
  • Please, discuss with your supervisor(s) about the funding sources for doctoral studies. Usually students begin their studies with external grant funding from Finnish foundations or with JSBE doctoral study grants. For some advanced students, JSBE is able to provide doctoral study positions based on contract of employment.
  • Some JSBE doctoral students study part-time and simultaneously work outside of the university. Possible study leaves or other leaves of absence can be funded for example with personal grants from foundations or with adult education allowance.
  • Please note that Mela (Farmer's Social Insurance Institution) is responsible for the statutory pension and employment accident insurance of the persons who have a grant or a scholarship and who have to be insured in Finland. See Mela's website for more details.
  • For more details, see University of Jyväskylä Graduate School website about funding.

JSBE Funding for Doctoral Students

Main funding scheme (long-term funding)

  • JSBE provides funding for doctoral studies based on a 1+2+1 funding scheme.
  • The 1+2+1 funding scheme implies that faculty provides grant funding for the first year of study and is committed to fund the doctoral student with a contract of employment for two additional years. The two-year contract is signed if the doctoral studies and the dissertation work progress as planned (based on the statement by the supervisor).
  • The aim is that the fourth year is funded by the research group where the doctoral student is based. For this reason, information is requested from the research group how the fourth year is funded. Depending on the funding resources of the research group and the doctoral student, this funding period can be flexibly placed in between the period funded by the faculty. The fourth year can also be financed by doctoral students own external funding (e.g., grant or project funding), with the help of the research group.
  • The funding period will start 1.1. or according to a separate agreement (e.g. 15.1.). The decisions regarding 1+2+1 funding are made in November or early December.


Supplementary funding scheme

  • JSBE provides short-term funding for JSBE doctoral students.
  • The funding applications are taken simultaneously with doctoral programme applications (deadline 15th August).
  • The main purpose of this supplementary scheme is to provide funding for new doctoral students for autumn term (4 months).
  • However, discretionary funding can also be given for older doctoral students. Funding can be given as a grant or as a contract of employment.


The criteria used in the funding decisions:

  • Stage of doctoral studies (a degree of priority is given to the 1st and 2nd year doctoral students to provide longer-term funding in the 1+2+1 funding scheme)
  • Quality of the application and plan of the doctoral dissertation
  • Statements from the applicant's Research Group and Supervisors (e.g., Recommendations and endorsement by the Research group, Match of the applicant's research topic with the research activities of his/her Research Group, Ability and commitment of the Research Group to fund the required additional year in the 1+2+1 funding scheme; Past performance of the Research Group, including the number of completed dissertations it has produced)
  • Match of the applicant's research topic with the JSBE's focus areas;
  • Applicant's likely or stated orientation to an academic career).
  • In accordance with principles of University of Jyväskylä Graduate School, doctoral studies can be financed for maximum of four years on a full-time basis.

Please follow our websites and news for announcements of the doctoral study grants and the positions.

External Funding for Doctoral Students

More information on grants, foundations and deadlines are available from following websites: