Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Human capital, labour markets and regional economic development (HCLA-RED)

Human capital, labour markets and regional economic development (HCLA-RED) research group combines regional and labour economics. In the research area, the focus is on applied research concerning the functioning, development and interrelationships of regional economies and labour markets. Research is focused on empirical policy relevant questions that have, for example, been related to:

  • education, personality and labour market outcomes
  • labour migration
  • matching, vacancy durations and unemployment
  • technology, productivity and wages
  • incentives
  • regional development
  • business subsidies
  • self-employment.

Although research is conducted on at the micro and macro levels, recently studies combining large micro data with modern micro-econometric methods have been particularly successful. For example, panel data on Finnish population have been utilized that contain a rich set of family and background variables, including information on individuals’ spouse, parents, and region of residence and birth. In addition, remote connection is used to access databases of the Statistics Finland’s research laboratory (e.g. linked employee-employer data).

More generally, economics research at the JSBE focuses on three areas: (i) spatial labour market analysis, (ii) economics of entrepreneurship and firms, (ii) macrofinance. At all areas, the research is strongly empirical.

Selected Project Funding

  • “Productivity and regional development (PRD): The roles of innovation, reallocation and finance”, Academy of Finland
  • “Higher education and regional economies“, Academy of Finland
  • "Human capital, agglomeration economies and regional concentration", Academy of Finland
  • “Labour market flow mismatch and structural unemployment in Finland“, Academy of Finland
  • “Job competition, education and externalities”, Academy of Finland

Research Output

The members of the SLMA research group have recently published in high-quality journals like Oxford Economic Papers, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Regional Studies, Journal of Regional Science, Spatial Economic Analysis, Journal of Population Economics and Labour Economics:

Post docs and professors

Doctoral students

Main research affiliates

  • Böckerman, Petri (Prof., TY)
  • Eloranta, Jari (Prof. , App. State)
  • Keltikangas-Järvinen, Liisa (Prof., HY)
  • Maczulskij, Terhi (Dr., PT)
  • Mathies, Charles (Dr., Jy)
  • Mukkala, Kirsi (Dr., K-S)
  • Ojala, J. (Prof. ,Jy)
  • Pulkki-Råback, Laura (Dr., HY)
  • Suhonen, Tuomo (Dr., VATT)
  • Raitakari, Olli (Prof., TY)
  • Tammelin, Tuija (Dr., Likes)
  • Tokila, Anu (Dr., JAO)



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).