Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Responsible Leadership and Management (RELM)

The RELM research group focuses on responsible leadership and management from a multidisplinary viewpoint combining different areas of business ethics. The topics of ethically right and wrong in business leadership, management and organizational activities and decision-making as well as the relationship between business and society are studied. By business, the group means commercial businesses, public sector organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), however, the main area of research lies in commercial businesses. In the research area, the focus is particularly on empirical research. Both normative and descriptive research are done.

Research is focused on questions that have been and are, for example, related to:

  • ethics and leadership (e.g charisma, manipulation, propaganda persuasion)
  • learning and critical management perspective
  • CRS studies
  • good and bad leadership in public sectors organizations

More generally, the research group focuses on the following main areas: (i) corporate social responsibility, (ii) leadership and organizational ethics, and (iii) critical management study, (iv) good leadership in public sectors organizations. Although the majority of research is conducted by applying qualitative methodology (e.g. narrativity, discourse analysis, phenomenological research, case studies. The group is cooperating nationally and internationally. Main partner is the Sobey Business School (Canada). The electronic journal of Business Ethics and Organizations Studies EJBO is edited (http://ejbo.jyu.fi). Several doctoral theses as well as master’s thesis have been done. Moreover, several doctoral theses and master’s theses are under preparation.

Research Output

The members of the RELM research group have recently published in journals like Organization, Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics: A European Review, British Journal of Management, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Journal of Social Economics, Journal of Workplace Learning, Social Responsibility Journal, Qualitative Research, Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies.

Group Members

  • Aaltonen, Valtteri (Doctoral student)
  • Auvinen, Tommi (Dr., University teacher, vice leader of the research group)
  • Hakanen, Mila (Doctoral student)
  • Helm-Mills, Jean (Professor)
  • Jalonen, Jarkko (Master student)
  • Kesänen, Anni (Doctoral student)
  • Kivijärvi, Marke (Post doctoral reseacher)
  • Kokko, Tuomas (Doctoral student)
  • Laakso, Nina (Dr.)
  • Lindroos, Ida (Doctoral student)
  • Malin, Virpi (Dr., University teacher)
  • Mills, Albert (Professor)
  • Myllylä, Susanna (Dr.)
  • Takala, Tuomo (Professor)
  • Virtanen, Aila (Professor)



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).