Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Strategy, Accounting and Leadership as Practice – an interdisplinary research group (SALP)

The SALP research group focuses on leadership, accounting and strategy from a multidisciplinary viewpoint combining different areas of the human sciences. The group will study the topics of ethically right and wrong issues, fantasy, myths, cults, fairytales, and so on, in leadership, management and business strategies and decision-making, as well as the relationship between reality and the stories told. Commercial businesses, public sector organizations and non-governmental organizations are the focus of our work. Within this research field, our focus is particularly on empirical research, especially on reality thematized as a narrated phenomenon.

The SALP research group is led by Marko Järvenpää and Tommi Auvinen acts as a vice-leader.

Research output

The members of the  SALP research group have recently published in journals  etc. Journal of Business Ethics, Management Accounting Research, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Tamara, Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, Social Responsibility Journal.

International contacts

  • Robert Scapens, Professor (University of Manchester)
  • Jean Helm-Mills, Professor (Saint Mary’s University)
  • Albert Mills, Professor (Saint Mary’s University)
  • Jonathan Murphy, Senior lecturer (Cardiff University)

JSBE group members (in alphabetical order)



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