Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Strategy and Economic History (SEH)

Strategy and economic history (SEH) is a multidisciplinary research group that joins the researchers from the JSBE and the department of history and ethnology. In addition, the research group closely collaborates with researchers from Aalto University. In so doing, it directly continues the legacy of Glostra -research group that has advanced inter-university research projects since 2004. This means also that most of the long-term research projects of the SEH -group (e.g. political and institutional strategy) are established during the active period of Glostra.

The research interests of the faculty of SEH -group address questions that are broadly related to competitive strategy, global and international strategy, industry evolution, political and institutional strategy, stakeholder management, strategic cognition and leadership, technology strategy, and business history.

Several of the past and ongoing research projects have taken advantage of processual and longitudinal perspectives by using tools of historical research. In addition that the researchers of the group seek to capture the mechanisms of change and evolution of organizations via process tracing and evolutionary approaches (both qualitative and quantitative), they also seek to address the causal complexity of the social world via comparative methods (e.g. fsQCA). 

The SEH -group is led by professor Kalle Pajunen and professor Juha-Antti Lamberg.

Research output

The members of the SEH group have recently published in journals such as: Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Asia Pacific journal of Management, Industrial and Corporate Change, International Journal of Management Reviews, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations, Long Range Planning, Organization Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Socio-Economic Review, Strategic Management Journal, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management and other leading journals.

Recent research seminars

  • Understanding decision-making logics, 13-14.6.2016
  • New perspectives on competitive dynamics research, paper track at EURAM 2016
  • Institutional dynamics and organizational innovation: Building on history, 29.10.2015

 Recent research projects

  • When industrial clusters stop growing: Reverse path dependence and negative entropy. Academy of Finland, led by professor Juha-Antti Lamberg.
  • Several Glostra –projects before 2012.

Group members


  •  Susanna Häggman (doctoral student)
  • Tuulia Kössö (doctoral student)
  • Anu Ojala (doctoral student)
  • Kalle Pajunen (professor)
  • Mirva Peltoniemi (senior researcher)
  • Ville Sarpo (doctoral student)
  • Tuija Valta (doctoral student)


  • Juha-Antti Lamberg (professor, HELA/JSBE)
  • Pasi Nevalainen (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Nooa Nykänen (doctoral student)
  • Jari Ojala (professor)
  • Jarmo Seppälä (doctoral student)
  • Olli Turunen (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Pirjo Vuorenpää (doctoral student)
  • Jouko Wacklin (doctoral student)



JSBE research seminar

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