Empirical Microeconomics (EME)

Empirical microeconomics research group conducts research on labor economics, health economics, regional economics and economics of education. We aim at producing research that is useful both for understanding individual-level decision-making and economic outcomes and for the design and evaluation of economic policies. The group exploits large register-based panel data sets of individuals and employers that contain a rich array of information on individuals’ economic choices and outcomes, such as skills, human capital, career choices, health behaviors, employment, and earnings.

Research Output

The group aims at publishing its research in high-quality journals. Recent papers have appeared in, e.g. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, American Political Science Review, European Economic Review, Health Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Regional Science, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Labour Economics, Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Rand Journal of Economics, Regional Studies, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, and  Social Science and Medicine.

For a list of recent publications, see JSBE's list of recent publications

During past five years six dissertations have been published by the research group. Latest dissertations are:

For a more complete list of dissertations, please use university's thesis search.

Group Members

The EME research group is led by Professor Jaakko Pehkonen and co-leader Professor Roope Uusitalo. It has been designated a research field of international significance by the University of Jyväskylä.

Post docs and professors

Doctoral students

  • Huuskonen, Jussi (Doctoral student)
  • Lavaste, Konsta (Doctoral student)
  • Laine, Liisa (Doctoral student)
  • Ollikainen, Jani-Petteri (Doctoral student)
  • Ohlsbom, Roope (Doctoral student)
  • Räsänen, Tapio (Doctoral student)
  • Seppälä, Ville (Doctoral student)
  • Sieppi, Antti (Doctoral student)
  • Syrén, Susanne (Doctoral student)
  • Turunen, Jarno (Doctoral student)

Selected Project Funding

“Productivity and regional development (PRD): The roles of innovation, reallocation and finance”

Academy of Finland

“Higher education and regional economies“

Academy of Finland

"Human capital, agglomeration economies and regional concentration"

Academy of Finland

“Labour market flow mismatch and structural unemployment in Finland“

Academy of Finland

“Job competition, education and externalities”

Academy of Finland