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The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Group seeks to combine the perspectives of entrepreneurship with those of strategic and technological management. Our aim is to understand the challenges of today’s global business environment. We focus on the ways in which an organization conducts analyses, makes decisions, and takes action in order to create and sustain competitive performance. We see the analysis of these aspects as requiring a profound understanding of technological fundamentals & innovative problem-solving.

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Research highlights

Research on Nokia - Research project on Nokia focuses on (a) analyzing research and texts on Nokia and its success in the 1990s and the 2000; and (b) Nokia as a special case in business model evolution.

Internationalization of SMEs - Research project on the internationalization of SMEs focuses on clarifying the influence of ownership structure on (i) degree and scope of internationalization, (ii) internationalization strategies, and (iii) the influence of international business environment on the internationalization behavior of SMEs

Recent publications


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