How to register for JSBE exams?

Registration for JSBE exams using the KORPPI system

Reminder for exchange students:
For exchange students, the best way to register for course exams is always to follow the links provided on the course programmes list, as these links will take you directly to the correct Korppi page. Please note that book exams are organised as eExams.

Registering for course exams / final exams

Through the course page in the Korppi system OR through the Korppi's exams section.

Registering for book exams/eExams 

Through the eExam system

How to search for exams from Korppi

There are two different sections in Korppi: courses and exams.  All exams can be found through the exams section. Course exams are also linked to the Korppi course page.

Log into the KORPPI system (link available eg. on the ISA student portal: https://www.jyu.fi/en/isa/) with your username and password.
Choose  Studies -> Exams -> Registration
Choose the faculty -> Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) and search for exams by the course/exam name or code
Click the exam which you want to take. Do not write any message to the examiner unless it is necessary, for example if you have agreed on some special arrangement with the examiner. Note that messages written through the Korppi system will reach the examiner only a couple days before the exam takes place. If there are two exams for the same course on the same day, look carefully which one you are entitled to register for. Choose Register for chosen exams.

Always remember to read the exam regulations and instructions before the exam!

Confirming your exam registration

Registrations for the JSBE course exams/final exams have to be confirmed in Korppi. The confirmation period is the last week of registration and a reminder is sent to those who have registered for the exam before that. Please note that if you register for the exam during the last week of registration (when the confirmation period is already on) there is no need for a separate confirmation. After the registration and confirmation periods have closed (one week before the exam), Korppi removes those who have not confirmed their registration from the exam.

What is a book exam?

Book exam is an independent study module, for which you are expected to study the given literature and then take the written examination. There are no lectures or other type of contact teaching included. The grade and credits are given solely based on the student's performance in the examination. 

The list of book exams available in English for exchange students can be found from the course programme, under independent study modules. Remember to check the exam timetable from the examinations list and to registrate for the exam at least one week beforehand. Please note that usually there are no resits of book exams (for some book exams there might be - please check the examinations list).

If you are not used to studying independently, it might be a good idea to form a study group with other students taking the same exam and to study together.

Please note that the book exams offered in English are very often courses where the lectures are only available in Finnish. Therefore, a possibility of completing the module by independent study is offered for exchange students.

Can I take many exams on the same examination day?

Students are allowed to take maximum two exams on the same examination day. Nevertheless, this is not recommended. Please note that the examination time (3,5 hours) is the same for everyone regardless of whether the student does one or two exams. You do not get any extra time if you have decided to take two exams at the same day. Please take this into consideration when planning your studies and try to avoid choosing book exams that are scheduled for the same day.

NB! Students taking more than one exam on the same examination day will be situated in a different room than students taking only one exam. Please check the right room from the examinations list on the day preceding the exam.