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Admission to JSBE courses

Who can take JSBE courses in English? As an exchange student from another faculty, can I take JSBE courses? I am an exchange student of JSBE and the course that I want to take is already full and I was put on the waiting list, can I still take the course?

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Students from other faculties

Please note that only the basic level courses marked with ALL on the course programme, are available for exchange students from other faculties. Most of the courses are only offered for students registered at the School of Business and Economics (JSBE). There are some exceptions due to the old faculty structure and cooperation agreements, which allow us to accept students of Information Systems Science and the Faculty of Social Sciences for JSBE's bachelor's level courses, if they fill in the prerequisites and if there is room on the course. Please note though that the students of JSBE always have priority.

Time of your registration / being put on a waiting list

Please note that JSBE course admission is based on study rights and prerequisites (background study requirements), not on the time of your registration. So we do not use the "first come, first served" method at JSBE. Therefore, even if the course seems to be full and you are on the waiting list, if you are a JSBE student, you will have priority to JSBE courses over the students from other faculties.

After the registration deadline has passed, the list of registered students will be checked and those who are not accepted to the course will be informed. Even if there is room on the course, students who do not have the study right or the required prerequisites, cannot be accepted.

Master's level courses

Please note that for the advanced level courses (Master's level), you should have completed a Bachelor's degree. In some cases (for example if you are doing a 4-year Bachelor's degree in your home country) advanced level Bachelor's students can be accepted, if they have strong study background in the required field and if there are places available.

Exchange students from other faculties do not have the study right to take any Master's level courses or Master's level independent study options.

Please note that the courses offered by JSBE's two international Master's degree programmes (CEM and IBE) offer very few places for exchange students, due to specific study background requirements and small group sizes.



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).