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Instructions for applying for a Master’s degree at JSBE.

It is recommended that students apply for the Master’s degree certificate through Korppi. See instructions here.

You can also apply for the degree certificate by filling in the Application form for Master’s degree and returning it to Anita Kujanpää or Marja Wollenberg at the JSBE Faculty Office.

You can find the application forms at: https://www.jyu.fi/yliopistopalvelut/opiskelijoille/how-to/tutkintolomake-maisterintutkinto/amd

Please note that after filling in the form online, you need to print it out and sign it by hand. The filled and signed form can be returned by mail or email to Marja or Anita, or you can bring it to the Faculty Office.

Please note: All studies that you wish to be included in your degree must be in the student register before you apply for the degree. The Dean accepts applications for degree certification usually once a week. After the degree has been awarded, the degree certificate can no longer be changed.

Additional information:

Study Advisor Anita Kujanpää, anita.kujanpaa@jyu.fi, Ag C324.2, tel. +35840 576 7794 

Study Advisor Marja Wollenberg, marja.wollenberg@jyu.fi, Ag C323.1D, tel. +35840 805 4482



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