Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Independent Study Options Academic Year 2016-2017

Independent study options offered in English for exchange students at JSBE during academic year 2016-2017

Please note that these study options do not include any lectures or seminars!

Independent study means studying literature and taking a book exam or writing an essay about it. The independent study options offered for exchange students at JSBE are usually courses which are lectured only in Finnish. Therefore, we have arranged a possibility of completing the modules in English by independent study.

Please note that you should not choose too many independent study options, especially if you are not used to studying in English.

NB: If there is no mention in the list below on whether an independent study module is organised during the spring or autumn semester, then it will be organised during both semesters.


This is a preliminary programme and changes are possible. Links to Korppi will be provided as soon as the exam dates are fixed.


Basic/Intermediate studies (Bachelor's level)

KTTP111     Basics of Economics  8 ECTS, (spring semester)                       Register in Korppi

KTTP320     Introduction to Finance  8 ECTS ,                                               Register in Korppi 

KTTP330     Financial Markets and Institutions  6 ECTS,                               Register in Korppi

KTTP710     Introduction to Public Economics 5 ECTS,                                 Register in Korppi
KTTA150     Microeconomics I, 8 ECTS,  (Book exam only spring semester. Course can also be done as a contact teaching course during autumn semester),   

KTTA160     Macroeconomics I  8 ECTS,                                                       Register in Korppi

KTTA245     Economics of Strategy  6 ECTS (Course be taken either at intermediate (KTTA245) or at advanced  (KTTS245) level)                                                                                           Register in Korppi

KTTA250     Econometrics I  8 ECTS,                                                           Register in Korppi

KTTA287  Applied Time Series Analysis for Finance and Macroeconomics 6 ECTS, (only spring semester, organised only on demand, please contact the examiner)

KTTA335     Asset Pricing and Investments  6 ECTS ,                                  Register in Korppi

KTTA410     Regional Economics I  5 ECTS ,                                               Register in Korppi, Register for the exam 26.5.

KTTA620     Theory of International Trade  5 ECTS,                                     Register in Korppi

KTTA730     Environmental Economics  6 ECTS,                                          Register in Korppi

YLAA106     Financial Accounting   6 ECTS (autumn semester 1st period, organised only on demand, please contact the examiner)


Advanced studies (Master's level)

YJOS580     Perspectives on Strategy 5 ECTS (Essay, please contact the examiner)

YJOS550     Culture, Gender and Diversity Management 6 ECTS (Book exam: autumn semester 2nd period or spring semester 4th period),          Register in Korppi

YJOS560     Business Contexts 5 ECTS (Book exam or essay: autumn semester 2nd period or summer),      

YJOS570     Organizational Culture 5 ECTS (Book exam: autumn semester 1st period or spring semester 3rd period)                               Register in Korppi

YLAS135     International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 6 ECTS (Organised only on demand, please contact the examiner: jaana.latvanen(a)uef.fi. Registration in Korppi not required.)

YLAS645     Public Sector Accounting   6 ECTS (Essay and case presentation, please contact the examiner: toni.m.matto(a)jyu.fi)

YMAS331    Marketing Channels: Management and Relationships 4 ECTS, organised only on demand, please contact prof. Heikki Karjaluoto (heikki.karjaluoto@jyu.fi)

KTTS245     Economics of Strategy  6 ECTS (Course be taken either at intermediate (KTTA245) or at advanced (KTTS245) level),            Register in Korppi

KTTS156     Advanced Microeconomics 1   5 ECTS ,                           Register in Korppi

KTTS157     Advanced Microeconomics 2   5 ECTS                             Register in Korppi

KTTS166     Advanced Macroeconomics 1   5 ECTS,               Register in Korppi

KTTS167     Advanced Macroeconomics 2   5 ECTS                Register in Korppi

KTTS260     Econometrics II   6 ECTS (only spring semester)   Registeri in Korppi

KTTS330     Advanced Financial Economics  5 ECTS (Not offered anymore. Can be replaced by the lecture course KTTS333 Investment and Asset Pricing 5 ECTS, autumn semester)  

KTTS333     Investment and Asset Pricing  5 ECTS,                 Register in Korppi

KTTS366     Derivatives   5 ECTS,   (Book exam only autumn semester. Course can also be done as a contact teaching course during spring semester)                                  

KTTS390     Topics in Finance II  4 ECTS,  

KTTS430     Regional Economics II  6 ECTS (Term paper, please contact the teacher: timo.j.tohmo@jyu.fi. Registration in Korppi not required)

KTTS521     Labour Markets II  6 ECTS,               Register in Korppi

KTTS631     Economics of Exchange Rates  5 ECTS (Book exam only spring semester. Course can also be done as a contact teaching course during autumn semester),   Register in Korppi



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).