Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Course Programme Autumn 2016

JSBE International Business Studies Programme: courses taught in English and available for exchange students during autumn semester 2016.


This is a preliminary programme and changes are possible.  

Please remember to check the course content and prerequisites from the Korppi system or from the course description that you can see by clicking on the name of the course on this weppage. Registration for the courses is done in Korppi after your arrival to Jyväskylä.

Admission to JSBE courses

Basic Studies (Bachelor's level)

YTPP211     Introduction to Management and Leadership 6 ECTS ALL (2. period)  Register in Korppi

YTPP241     Introduction to Entrepreneurship  6 ECTS ALL (1. period)                   Register in Korppi


Intermediate Studies (Bachelor's level)

YJOA286     System Integration Consulting – A Hands-on Course  4 ECTS       Course cancelled!

YJOA451     Business and Leadership Ethics  5 ECTS (1. period)                           Register in Korppi    

YMAA361    International Marketing  6 ECTS (2. period)                                         Register in Korppi 

CEMA150    Business, Society and the Environment  6 ECTS (1.- 2. period)          Register in Korppi      

TTKA311     Business in Asia   4 ECTS (1. period)                                                  Register in Korppi            

KTTA150     Microeconomics I  8 ECTS (Course can be also done as independent study during spring semester)                                                                                                        Register in Korppi 


Advanced Studies (Master's Level)

YJOS520     Organization Theories  6 ECTS (2. period)                                         Register in Korppi

YJOS670     International Human Resource Management  6 ECTS (2. period)     Register in Korppi 

YLAS651     Social and Environmental Accounting  6 ECTS (2 period)                  Register in Korppi

YLAS325     Corporate Finance 6 ECTS (1. period)                                                Register in Korppi

YMAS341    Brand Management  6 ECTS (2. period)                                              Register in Korppi

YRIS611      International Business  4 ECTS (2. period)                                          Register in Korppi

YRIS641      Innovative Marketing  5 ECTS (1. period)                                            Register in Korppi

KTTS296     Methods in Macroeconomics   5 ECTS (2. period)                              Register in Korppi

KTTS333     Investment and Asset Pricing   5 ECTS (2. period)                             Register in Korppi

KTTS631     Economics of Exchange Rates   5 ECTS (1. period)                           Register in Korppi

In addition to the lectured courses, there is also the possibility of completing independent study options, which are usually either book exams or written assignments.



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).