Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

Course Programme Spring 2017

JSBE International Business Studies Programme: courses taught in English and available for exchange students during spring semester 2017.


This is a preliminary programme and changes are possible.  

Please remember to check the course content and prerequisites from the Korppi system or from the course descriptions (will be available on this website later). Registration for the courses is done in Korppi after your arrival to Jyväskylä.

Admission to JSBE courses

Basic Studies (Bachelor's level)

YTPP251     Basic Business Studies in Practice  4 ECTS (4. period) (Only for students who stay at JSBE for the whole academic year. Prerequisites: 3 of the following courses: YTPP211, YTPP221, YTPP231 and YTPP241)                                                                                      Register in Korppi 

YTPP221     Introduction to Accounting 6 ECTS ALL (3. period)  Register in Korppi  

YTPP231     Introduction to Marketing   6 ECTS ALL (4. period)  Register in Korppi

Intermediate Studies (Bachelor's level)

KTTA210     Mathematical Economics I  5 ECTS,                      Register in Korppi

KTTA511    Labour Markets I    5 ECTS (3.period)                     Register in Korppi

YJOA320    Strategic Management  6 ECTS (3. period)            Register in Korppi

TTKA271    Intercultural Management  4 ECTS (3.period)         Register in Korppi         

TTKA321    Business in Russia  4 ECTS (4. period)                  Register in Korppi                                        

YLAA311    Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation  6 ECTS (4. period)     Register in Korppi 

Advanced Studies (Master's Level)

YMAS431    Btob Relationships and Networks 6 ECTS (4. period)  Register in Korppi

YMAS390    Strategic Marketing in Retail 6 ECTS (3. period)  

YMAS440    Digital Marketing  6 ECTS (3. period)                           Register in Korppi        

YJOS276     Cases in Business Ethics 5 ECTS (3. period)              Register in Korppi  

YLAS311    Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation  6 ECTS (4. period)     Register in Korppi  

YLAS371     Corporate Governance  6 ECTS (3. period)                  Register in Korppi   

YRIS671     Finance for Business (primarily for IBE students, but if there is room on the course, also other students can be taken in)                                                   

KTTS366     Derivatives  5 ECTS (3.period)                                      Register in Korppi


In addition to the lectured courses, there is also the possibility of completing independent study options, which are usually either book exams or written assignments.



JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).