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Business as a Minor


Basic Business Studies is a minor subject open for all degree and exchange students at the University of Jyväskylä. The courses are taught in English and you can either complete some of the courses, or do the whole package (28 ECTS).


There are no prerequisites for the first four courses YTPP211-YTPP241.Please note though, that before starting the fifth course,  YTPP251 Basic Business Studies in Practice, you need to have completed at least three of the other four courses. The course grades and credits of those courses need to appear in your transcript of records when you apply for the YTTP251.


Basic Business Studies programme is always organised so that it can be completed within one academic year. Usually two of the courses are taught during the autumn semester and three during the spring semester.  


Basic Business Studies,  28 ECTS
YTPP211      Introduction to Management and Leadership    6 ECTS  
YTPP221      Introduction to Accounting                                 6 ECTS 
YTPP231      Introduction to Marketing                                   6 ECTS
YTPP241      Introduction to Entrepreneurship                       6 ECTS

YTPP251      Basic Business Studies in Practice                     4 ECTS (*

(* Please note that there are prerequisites for this course

Course descriptions

More information about the course contents and timetables can be found from Korppi (please search by the course code). 


There is no separate registration for the programme, the students just need to register for the courses in Korppi. Please note that the same courses are also taught in Finnish, with slightly different course codes, so always remember to check the teaching language of the course before registering.

After completing all the required courses, you should contact the JSBE office in order to get the final grade of the study programme registered. Please e-mail your request to: opintoasiat-jsbe@jyu.fi

Other business studies as a minor

Please note that this is the only minor subject programme offered completely in English at JSBE. If you are interested in business studies and have completed a Bachelor's level degree, please see our International Master's programmes.








JSBE research seminar

Seminar for everyone interested in high quality research in economics and business economics (program).