Aaltio Iiris, Professor / Professori

Aaltio Iiris, Professor / Professori
Management and leadership


Professor Iiris Aaltio received her doctoral degree at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (currently Aalto University) in 1991. Her work covers issues of organization culture, gender and diversity, China and entrepreneurship. She worked previously at the Lappeenranta University of Technology and is currently docent at the Aalto University, the University of Turku and the University of Lapland. She has been visiting scholar and has hold lectures in several universities abroad, among them: University of Auckland, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, University of Massachusetts, University of Tartu, Saint Mary’s University and MIT.

She is editorial board member of the journals: Culture and Organization, the Finnish Journal of Business Economics and Ejbo. She has been advisor of 9 doctoral thesis and been project leader in several projects funded by the Academy of Finland and European Union. She has been responsible of organizing a SCOS conference in 1995 and several EIASM workshops at the area of culture, gender, women managers and entrepreneurs as well as qualitative research and in-depth studies.

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest

culture of organizations, qualitative research methodology, gender, ageing and diversity issues of HRM, entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurs

Research Areas

entrepreneurship and firms, Leadership & Narratives, Ageing in Society, HRM & Careers

JSBE Research group: Culture and Diversity in Organizations and Management (CADOM)

Recent Publications

  • Waseem Rehmat, Iiris Aaltio, Mujtaba Agha & Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (2015) Is Training Effective?  Evaluating training effectiveness in call centers. In: Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organizational Studies (EJBO).
  • Jerker Polso, Elina Lehtomäki & Iiris Aaltio (2015) Quality Education across Borders: The Role of Education Imports in the Gulf Region.  Rika Joubert, Lars G. Björk  and Tricia Browne-Ferrigno  (eds.) International Education Reform and Quality Education. CELP, 63-72.
  • Iiris Aaltio & Qian Wang (2015) Entrepreneurship Education for Learning Flexible Identities – A Cross-cultural Perspective. In Entrepreneurship Education and Training, ed. by Jose Carlos Sanchez.  InTech,  201-224.
  • Jiehua Huang  & Iiris Aaltio  (2014) Guanxi and social capital: Networking among women managers in China and Finland. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Vol 39, pp. 22–39.
  • Iiris Aaltio, Hanna Salminen and Sirpa Koponen (2014): Ageing employees and human resource management – Evidence of gender-sensitivity?  Equality, diversity and inclusion: An international journal, pp. 160-177.
  • Tommi Auvinen, Iiris Aaltio & Kirsimarja Blomqvist  (2013) Constructing leadership by storytelling – the meaning of trust and narratives.  Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Volume 34 issue 6,  pp. 496 - 514
  • Jan Ulijn, Iiris Aaltio, Gianni Guerra & Lorraine Uhlaner (2011)  Cooperation and teamwork in technology start-ups: reflected in some Italian, British and German findings.   International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 14, No.1  pp. 100 – 126
  • Iiris Aaltio (2011): Organisaatiokulttuurin moniulotteisuus johtamisen näkökulmasta. In Anu Puusa & Helen Reijonen (toim.): Aineeton  pääoma organisaation voimavarana.  UNI Press., 333-346
  • Iiris Aaltio, Paula Kyrö & Elisabeth Sundin (2011) Heuristic Method: insights into a conceptual understanding of women’s entrepreneurship and social capital. In O.J. Borch, A. Fayolle, P. Kyrö & E. Ljunggren (eds.): Entrepreneurship Research in Europe: Evolving Concepts and Processes. Edward Elgar Publishing, USA, 111-134.
  • Iiris Aaltio (2009) How to become a knowledge holder: creating a piece of scientific knowledge with originality. Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry. Vol 7, Issue 7.3-7.4., 9-25
  • Iiris Aaltio & Hanna Peltonen (2009) Portraits of Russian women entrepreneurs: identification  and ways of leadership. Journal of Enterprising Culture, Vol. 17, No 4, 443-471
  • Iiris Aaltio I. & Jiehua Huang (2007) Women managers' careers in information technology in China: high flyers with emotional costs? Journal of Organizational Change Management 2/20, 227-244. (Highly Commended Award Winner at the Emerald Literati network Awards for Excellence 2008)
  • Hanns Mentzel,  Iiris Aaltio & Jan Ulijn (2007)  On the way to creativity: engineers as intrapreneurs in organizations.  Technovation, 27/12, 732-743.

Selected publications 1.1.1994–15.2.2016

Teaching (list of courses)

  • Organization Theory
  • Work welfare and management
  • Graduate Thesis seminar
  • Doctor thesis seminar