Ruggiero Aino-Maria, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja

Ruggiero Aino-Maria, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja
Corporate Communication


Aino Ruggiero is university teacher in Corporate Communication. She is currently finalising her PhD thesis on the topic of crisis communication and terrorism. She has an MA degree in Organisational communication and PR, from the Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä. She has previously worked as a project researcher in an EU-funded research project CATO dealing with crisis management in CBRN terrorism crises in the Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä. Her non-academic work experience covers regional state administration in the environmental sector and the European Parliament.

Areas of Interest

crisis communication (complex crises, networked stakeholder interaction, ethics); public sector communication; public perceptions, debates and monitoring/listening to them; organisational sense-making, mindfulness and learning

Research Areas

organisational crisis communication covering topics such as terrorism, communication evaluation and auditing, and social media monitoring

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Recent Publications

Ruggiero, A. (2016), Making Communication Strategy Choices in a Fast Evolving Crisis Situation—Results from a Table-Top Discussion on an Anthrax Scenario. Social Sciences, 5(2), 19.

Ruggiero, A., & Vos, M. (2015), Communication challenges in CBRN terrorism crises – expert perceptions. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 23(3), 138–148.

Ruggiero, A., Vos, M., & Palttala, P. (2015). The CBRN Crisis Communication Scorecard. In S. Schmidt & M. Vos (Eds.) Behaviour and communication in CBRN crises. Findings and recommendations in case of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attacks on society. Pabst Science Publishers, Lengerich, 106-110 and 116-138.

Ruggiero, A., & Vos, M. (2014). Social Media Monitoring for Crisis Communication: Process, Methods and Trends in the Scientific Literature. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies 4(1), 105–130.

Ruggiero, A., & Vos, M. (2013). Terrorism Communication: Characteristics and Emerging Perspectives in the Scientific Literature 2002–2011. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 21(3), 153–166.

Teaching (list of courses)

Change, stakeholders and monitoring

Risk and crisis communication theories and practices

Corporate reputation and crisis management

BA seminar

MA thesis supervision