Aldea-Löppönen Andra, Project Researcher / Projektitutkija

Aldea-Löppönen Andra, Project Researcher / Projektitutkija
Corporate Communication

Andra Aldea-Löppönen is currently involved in Opening de Black Box of Content Marketing TEKES project in University of Jyväskylä, JSBE, Corporate Communication as a project researcher. 


She is a sociologist and economist, with a history as project co-ordinator of international research and development projects at the University of Oulu, Kajaani University Consortium and AIKOPA Adult and Continuing Education (both in Finland). Andra is also a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Bucharest (Romania) and the University of Oulu. She holds a BA in Sociology, a BA in Management and a MA in Political Sciences. 


She has been training entrepreneurs and directors of former state-owned enterprises since 1992. Andra has a vast experience as researcher and project manager of development projects. 


Her research interests include research methods, innovation, knowledge management, social capital, social networks, quadruple helix, social mobility, sustainability, regional development, rural development of sparsely populated areas, services,  labour markets, work and entrepreneurship, as well as project cycle management. She has been a guest lecturer on these topics in Finland (Finnish and English language lectures), Norway, Greece, Russia (Yakutia) and Romania. Her Ph.D. thesis tackles inter-organisational and inter-municipal cooperation as a lasting solution for the development of sparsely populated and remote areas.


She is part of JSBE Research group: Digital Marketing and Communication (DMC)