Auvinen Tommi, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja

Auvinen Tommi, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja
Management and leadership


Tommi Pekka Auvinen got his masters degree in management and leadership 2006, licentiate 2008 and doctoral 2013. Since 2007 Auvinen has taught leadership and management courses in JSBE and also human resource management and leadership courses in the open university and Avance.

In his current research projects he aims to develop the theory and practice of narrative leadership, and narrative approach to economics and management accounting. He studies also manipulative organizational behavior that takes place in storytelling. Auvinen’s research is empirical while the major part of his empirical data is gathered from a large high-tech organization and a moderate sizeable Bank.

Areas of Interest

Narrative leadership, storytelling leadership, narrative rationality, (discursive) power, human resource management, manipulation in leadership

Research Areas

Responsible Business & Management, Leadership & Narratives, HRM & Careers

Recent Publications

  • Sajasalo, P., Auvinen, T., Takala, T., Järvenpää, M. & Sintonen, T. 2016. Strategy implementation as fantasising – becoming the leading bank. Accounting and Business Research [forthcoming, DOI: 10.1080/00014788.2015.1112764]
  • Takala, T. & Auvinen, T. 2016. The Power of Leadership Storytelling. TAMARA Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry. Julkaistaan painettuna maaliskuussa 2016.
  • Takala, T. & Auvinen, T. 2015. Näkökulmia valtaan karismaattisuuden ja tarinankerronnan valossa. Tiedepolitiikka, Vol. 40 (1), 7-18.
  • Auvinen, T., Lämsä, A-M, Sintonen, T. & Takala, T. 2013. Leadership manipulation and ethics in storytelling. Journal of Business Ethics, 116 (2), 415-431.
  • Auvinen, T., Mangeloja, E. & Sintonen, T. 2011. Kohti narratiivista taloustiedettä: Yksilöiden ja yhteiskuntien kertomukset. Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja.
  • Collin, K., Sintonen, T., Paloniemi, S. & Auvinen, T. 2011. Work, power and learning in a risk filled occupation. Management Learning.
  • Sintonen, T. & Auvinen, T. 2011. Visual/Picture as Antenarratives: Sketching the Research Process. Storytelling and the Future of Orgaqnizations. An Antenarrative Handbook (ed. David Boje). USA: Routledge.
  • Auvinen, T., Mangelolja, E. & Sintonen, T. 2010. Is Narrative a Content of Economics and Business Administration? An Essay about why Homo Economicus is actually Homo Narrans: From Realistic to Narrative Paradigm. Annual Review of Management & Organizational Inquiry.
  • Auvinen, T. 2010. Esimiesten ajatuksia tarinoilla johtamisesta: pehmeää johtamista vai manipulointia? Yritysetiikka, 6 (1).

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YJOA240 Human resource management
  • YJOS670 International human resource management
  • YTTP210 Introduction to leadership and management
  • YJOA900 Barchelor thesis (incl. YJOA830 Method excercises)

In the past Auvinen has received an engineer qualification in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and worked in the forest industry (-2004).