Heikkinen Suvi, Postdoctoral Researcher / Tutkijatohtori

Heikkinen Suvi, Postdoctoral Researcher / Tutkijatohtori
Management and leadership


Suvi Heikkinen, Postdoctoral researcher, received her Doctoral degree in Management and Leadership in 2015. She is currently researching topics related equality issues in working life. Heikkinen is currently working in a project: Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working life: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland (WeAll). WeAll-research project is a consortium between JSBE, University of Helsinki and Hanken. The project is funded by Academy of Finland (2015-2020). She also teaches in courses related to human resource management.

Areas of Interest

Work-Family integration, Careers, Ethics in management and leadership, Diverse work force, Innovativeness

Research Areas

Responsible Business & Management, HRM & Careers

Recent Publications

  • Lämsä, A-M., Auvinen, T., Heikkinen, S. & Sintonen, T. Narrativity and its application in business ethics research. Baltic Journal of Management. Accepted.
  • Mäkelä, Lämsä, A. M., Heikkinen, S. & Tanskanen, J. 2017. Work-to-personal-life conflict among dual and single-career expatriates: Is it different for men and women? Journal of Global Mobility, 5(3), 304-316.
  • Heikkinen, S. & Lämsä, A-M. 2017. Narratives of spousal support for the careers of men in managerial posts. Gender, work and organization. 24(2), 171-193.
  • Lämsä, A-M., Heikkinen, S., Smith, M., Tornikoski, C. 2017. The expatriate’s family as a stakeholder of the firm: A responsibility viewpoint. International Journal of Human Resource Management 28 (20), 2916-2935
  • Kangas, E., Lämsä, A-M. & Heikkinen, S. Miesjohtajien isyysdiskurssit. Työelämän Tutkimus – Work Research Journal. [Male managers’ discourses of fatherhood] Accepted.   
  • Heikkinen, S. 2015. (In) Significant Others: The Role of the Spouse in Women and Men Managers` Careers in Finland. Academic dissertation. Jyväskylä Studies in Business and Economics, 158.
  • Heikkinen, S. 2014. How do male managers narrate their female spouse's role in their career? Gender in Management: An International Journal 29(1): 25-43.
  • Heikkinen, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2014. Narratives by women managers about spousal support for their careers.
  • Koivunen, M. Lämsä, A-M. & Heikkinen, S. 2012. Urasiirtymät muuttuvassa työelämässä – analyysi urasiirtymän käsitteestä. Working Paper N:o 371. Jyväskylän yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu.
  • Välimäki, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2010. Forms of spousal support for a woman manager’s career.  In Leadership through the Gender Lens - Women and Men in Organisations (Eds.) Husu,L., Hearn, J., Lämsä, A-M, Vanhala, S. Hanken School of Economics: Research Reports 71.
  • Heikkinen, S. & Lämsä, A-M. 2010. Critical factors for organizational innovation in the field of diverse human resources. In proceedings Internationational forum on knowledge asset dynamics 2010, CD-ROM.
  • Välimäki, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2009. The spouse of the female manager: Role and influence on the woman’s career. Gender in Management: An International Journal 24(8): 596-614.
  • Välimäki, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2008. Millainen mies on menestyvän naisen takana? University of Jyväskylä: School of Business and Economics. Working Paper N:o 351.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YJOA2150 Henkilöstön rekrytointi ja työurat
  • JSBS5110 Ur­hei­luor­ga­ni­saa­tioi­den joh­ta­mi­nen