Heikkinen Suvi, Postdoctoral Researcher / Tutkijatohtori

Heikkinen Suvi, Postdoctoral Researcher / Tutkijatohtori
Management and leadership


Suvi Heikkinen, post-doctoral researcher, received her doctoral degree in management and leadership 2015. She is currently researching topics related equality issues in working life. Heikkinen is currently working in a project: Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working life: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland (WeAll). WeAll-research project is a consortium between JSBE, University of Helsinki and Hanken. The project is funded by Academy of Finland (2015-2020). She also teaches in courses related human resource management.

Areas of Interest

Work-Family integration, Careers, Ethics in management and leadership, Diverse work force, Innovativeness

Research Areas

Responsible Business & Management, HRM & Careers

Recent Publications

  • Heikkinen, S. & Lämsä, A-M.  Narratives of spousal support for the careers of men in managerial posts. Gender, work and organization. Accepted.
  • Lämsä, A-M., Heikkinen, S., Smith, M. & Tornikoski, C. The expatriate’s family as a stakeholder of the firm: A responsibility viewpoint. International Journal of Human Resource Management. Accepted.
  • Kangas, E., Lämsä, A-M. & Heikkinen, S. Miesjohtajien isyysdiskurssit. Työelämän Tutkimus – Work Research Journal. [Male managers’ discourses of fatherhood] Accepted.   
  • Heikkinen, S. 2015. (In) Significant Others: The Role of the Spouse in Women and Men Managers` Careers in Finland. Academic dissertation. Jyväskylä Studies in Business and Economics, 158.
  • Heikkinen, S. 2014. How do male managers narrate their female spouse's role in their career? Gender in Management: An International Journal 29(1): 25-43.
  • Heikkinen, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2014. Narratives by women managers about spousal support for their careers.
  • Koivunen, M. Lämsä, A-M. & Heikkinen, S. 2012. Urasiirtymät muuttuvassa työelämässä – analyysi urasiirtymän käsitteestä. Working Paper N:o 371. Jyväskylän yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu.
  • Välimäki, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2010. Forms of spousal support for a woman manager’s career.  In Leadership through the Gender Lens - Women and Men in Organisations (Eds.) Husu,L., Hearn, J., Lämsä, A-M, Vanhala, S. Hanken School of Economics: Research Reports 71.
  • Heikkinen, S. & Lämsä, A-M. 2010. Critical factors for organizational innovation in the field of diverse human resources. In proceedings Internationational forum on knowledge asset dynamics 2010, CD-ROM.
  • Välimäki, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2009. The spouse of the female manager: Role and influence on the woman’s career. Gender in Management: An International Journal 24(8): 596-614.
  • Välimäki, S., Lämsä, A-M. & Hiillos, M. 2008. Millainen mies on menestyvän naisen takana? University of Jyväskylä: School of Business and Economics. Working Paper N:o 351.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YJOA240 Human resource management
  • YJOS660 Career management