Mero (os. Järvinen) Joel, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja

Mero (os. Järvinen) Joel, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja


Joel (Järvinen) Mero got his D.Sc. (Econ.) degree in 2016 at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. Mero started his academic career by working as a project researcher (2011-2012) in Tekes-funded research project called DIMAR (Digital Marketing Communications in Industrial Companies). Ever since, his research focus has remained in the field of digital marketing with a special emphasis on digital marketing performance measurement by the use of new technologies and harnessing digital data for optimizing digital marketing activities. 

Mero has conducted research in co-operation with various types of organizations ranging from industrial to e-commerce companies. Besides doing research in Finland, he has acted as a visiting scholar at University of Hull (UK) and Edith Cowan University (Australia). Mero has published scientific articles in Industrial Marketing Management and Marketing Management Journal and presented his research findings in several prestigious academic conferences organized by the American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science and the European Marketing Academy.

Mero acts as the coordinator of the International Master's Degree Programme in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication in University of Jyväskylä. His current teachings include two Master's level courses: Digital Marketing Management and Planning (YMAS3130), and Digital Marketing in Action (YMAS3140). In addition, he has taught courses in University of Helsinki, University of Oulu, University of Turku and University of Vaasa.

Areas of Interest

digital marketing; marketing performance measurement; data-driven marketing; new technologies.

Research Areas

Marketing performance measurement and optimization; digital analytics

Selected Publications

  • Järvinen, J. & Taiminen, H. (2016). Harnessing marketing automation for B2B content marketing. Industrial Marketing Management 54, 164-175.
  • Järvinen, J. & Karjaluoto H. (2015). The use of Web analytics for digital marketing performance measurement. Industrial Marketing Management 50, 117-127.
  • Järvinen, J., Töllinen, A., Karjaluoto H. & Jayawardhena, C. (2013). Digital and social media marketing usage in B2B industrial sector. Marketing Management Journal 22(2), 102-117.

Research group: Digital Marketing.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YMAS3130 Digital Marketing Management and Planning (taught in English)
  • YMAS3140 Digital Marketing in Action (taught in English)