Kuhmonen Irene, Doctoral Student / Tohtorikoulutettava

Corporate Environmental Management


Irene Kuhmonen holds a MSocSc in Human Geography from the University of Eastern Finland. She has extensive experience in environmental research, having previously worked as a researcher at the Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Jyväskylä. She is currently preparing her PhD thesis dealing with the relationship between environmental and economic performance in agriculture. Her research interests are related to the sustainability transition of the bio-based industries and decision-making processes as part of socio-ecological systems.

Research Areas

Bio-based industries, decision-making, socio-ecological systems, sustainability transitions and dimensions of sustainability, environmental effectiveness and evaluation research, spatial dynamics

Recent Publications

Kuhmonen, I. 2017. Adoption of the agri-environmental measures: The role of motivations and perceived effectiveness. Conference paper presented at the Internation Congress of European Association of Agricultural Economists in Parma, Italy, 28th Aug 2017.

Kuhmonen, T., Kuhmonen, I. and Luoto, L. 2016. How do rural areas profile in the futures dreams by the Finnish youth? Journal of Rural Studies 44: 89-100.

Kuhmonen, T. & Kuhmonen, I. 2015. Rural futures in developed economies: The case of Finland. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 101: 366-374.

Kuhmonen, T., Partio, H. & Kuhmonen, I. 2015. EU:n maatalouspolitiikka ja kestävä kehitys. Poliittinen talous 3 (1): 49-70.

Kuhmonen, T. & Kuhmonen, I. 2015. Maaseutualueiden vaihtoehtoiset tulevaisuudet. Maaseudun uusi aika 2015 (2): 5-23.