Lamberg Juha-Antti, Professor / Professori

Head of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Ag C321.5 / H210


Dr. Juha-Antti Lamberg, is a Professor of Strategy and Economic History at the University of Jyväskylä (a position shared between the Department of History and Ethnology and the School of Business and Economics). His research focus on consistency and change in strategy and business history, especially in the contexts of mature declining industries and firms. He has published historical research in the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Management Studies, Industrial and Corporate Change, Organization Studies, Business & Society, Human Relations, the European Management Journal, the Scandinavian Economic History Review, as well as other journals. Prof. Lamberg won the Sloan Foundation’s Industry Studies Best Paper Prize in 2008, the Carolyn Dexter Award in 2009 at the Academy of Management Conference, and has been a nominee or finalist for the same prize several times.  His former PhD students have achieved similar success in terms of scientific awards, publications, and quality of collaboration networks. The cumulative sum of Professor Lamberg’s external funding (TEKES and Academy of Finland) exceeds over 3 million Euros for the period 2003-2013.

Areas of Interest

Strategy; Economic History

Research Areas

Industrial and organizational decline; business & government relationship

Recent Publications

  • Alajoutsijärvi, Kimmo, Juusola, Katariina and Lamberg, Juha-Antti (2013). Lessons from the bubble of Dubai business schools. Academy of Management Learning & Education. (forthcoming)(ISI)
  • Lamberg, Juha-Antti, Laukia, Arjo and Ojala, Jari (2013). The origins of success: A qualitative meta-analysis of the evolution of Nokia. Management and Organizational History.(forthcoming)(SCOPUS)
  • Aspara, Jaakko, Lamberg, Juha-Antti, Laukia, Arjo and Tikkanen, Henrikki (2013). Business model transformation and managerial cognition: The case of Nokia. Long Range Planning.(forthcoming) (ISI)
  • Järvinen, Joonas, Lamberg, Juha-Antti and Pietinalho, Lauri (2012). The fall and the fragmentation of national clusters: Cluster evolution in paper and pulp industry. Journal of Forest Economics 18: 218–241. (ISI)
  • Valorinta, Mikko, Lamberg, Juha-Antti and Schildt, Henri (2011). Interrelated path dependence of technological systems and power relations in Finnish retail organizations, 1959-2005. Industry & Innovation 18: 765–790. *(ISI)
  • Aspara, Jaakko, Lamberg, Juha-Antti, Laukia, Arjo and Tikkanen, Henrikki (2011). Strategic management of business model transformation: Lessons from Nokia. Management Decision 49: 622-647. (ISI)

2012 Emerald Best Practical Implications Award.

  • Lamberg, Juha-Antti and Pajunen, Kalle (2010). When a path ends: The effect of regime revolution on firm evolution. Journal of Management Studies 47: 814-836.* (ISI)
  • Järvinen, Joonas, Lamberg, Juha-Antti, Murmann, Johan-Peter and Ojala, Jari (2009). Alternative paths to competitive advantage: A fuzzy set analysis of the origins of large firms. Industry & Innovation 16: 545-574.* (ISI)

Winner of the Carolyn Dexter Award (best international paper), Academy of Management 2009, Chicago.

  • Lamberg, Juha-Antti, Tikkanen, Henrikki, Nokelainen, Tomi and Suur-Inkeroinen, Henri (2009). Competitive dynamics, strategic consistency and organizational survival. Strategic Management Journal 30:1. 45-60.* (ISI)
  • Mantere, Saku, Pajunen, Kalle and Lamberg, Juha-Antti (2009). Vices and virtues of corporate political activity: The challenge of international business. Business and Society 46: 105-132. (ISI)

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YRIS697 Master's Seminar, 3 op
  • YRIS621 Competitive Strategy, 4 op
  • HISA511 Maailman taloushistoria, 4 op, Global economy, also HELA500 and YRIS631