Lievonen Matias, Doctoral Student / Tohtorikoulutettava

Corporate Communication


Matias Lievonen is a Doctoral Student in Corporate Communication. He obtained his Master's Degree in Organizational Communication and Public Relations from the University of Jyväskylä in 2014. Since then, Lievonen has worked in several research projects at the University of Jyväskylä including:

  • WEM (What is Expected of the Media in a Reputation Society?)
  • TAO (Transparency of New Forms of Media Advertising Online)
  • CoPassion (Compassion - A Key to Successful and Sustainable Business)
  • 5K (Development of Kangas cyber-secure experimentation smart city platform) 
Currently, he works in two research projects. At the JSBE he is part of Opening the Black Box of Content Marketing -project (see more:, which search answers to “why” and “how” –questions behind the impacts of content marketing in online environments. At the Faculty of Information Technology, Lievonen is a project researcher at TRIP-project, where he examines the emotions, experiences, and critical incidents of the online store users.

Areas of Interest

Stakeholder engagement, stakeholder emotions, online behavior, Critical Incidents, content marketing, customer experiences.

Research Areas

Lievonen's research focuses on stakeholder emotions, experiences, and engagement behaviors in online environments. He examines these topics from the perspective of critical incidents, and he is also interested in customer post-consumption behavior (e.g. negative electronic Word-of-Mouth). In addition, he studies the valuable forms of content marketing from the perspective of consumers.

Lievonen is also part of JSBE Research group: Digital Marketing and Communication (DMC)

Recent Publications

  • Lievonen, M. (2017). Consumer Emotions and E-commerce: A Literature Review. In A. Pucihar, M. K. Borštnar, C. Kittl, P. Ravesteijn, R. Clarke, & R. Bons (Eds.), Bled 2017: Proceedings of the 30th Bled eConference : Digital Transformation: From Connecting Things to Transforming Our Lives (pp. 385-402). Maribor: University of Maribor Press.

  • Lievonen, M. & Luoma-aho, V. (2015). Ethical Hateholders and Negative Engagement. A Challenge for Organisational Communication. In A. Catellani , A. Zerfass & R. Tench (Eds.), Communication Ethics in a Connected World. Research in Public Relations and Organisational Communication (pp. 285-303). Brussels, Belgium: P.I.E. Peter Lang.
  • Taiminen, K., Lievonen, M., Melgin, E. & Luoma-aho, V. (2014). Finland PR Country Landscape 2014. Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. 

Teaching (list of courses)

At the JSBE:

  • YTTP1150 Viestinnän johtamisen perusteet
  • YTTP2150 Introduction to Corporate Communication
  • YCCA900 Kandidaattiseminaari (BA-seminar)

Previously at the Department of Communication:

  • VIEP060 Communication in Working Life
  • YVIS412 Monitoring and Perception Management
  • YVIA510 Content Strategy and Entrepreneurship