Taiminen (os. Lipiäinen) Heini, Postdoctoral Researcher / Tutkijatohtori

Taiminen (os. Lipiäinen) Heini, Postdoctoral Researcher / Tutkijatohtori
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Heini  Taiminen has received her D.Sc. in Marketing at the University of Jyväskylä in 2014. She also holds Master's degree in Marketing (M.Sc. Bus. Adm. in marketing) and Organizational Communication and PR (M.A.)

In her research she has specialized on digital marketing and now working with social marketing related themes (weight loss and maintenance, online communities, and online peer support) with digital twist. Her biggest interest professionally relates to behavior change, behavior maintenance, and health related themes.

Areas of Interest

social marketing, online communities, behavioral change, behavioral maintenance, branding, marketing communications, digital marketing, digitization in companies’ marketing practices

Research Areas

Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing

Recent Publications

  • Järvinen, J. & Taiminen, H. 2015. Harnessing marketing automation for B2B content marketing. Industrial Marketing Management (in press)

  • Lipiäinen H. 2015.CRM in the digital age: Implementation of CRM in three contemporary B2B firms. Journal of Systems and Information Technology 17(1), pp. 2 - 19.

  • Lipiäinen H., & Karjaluoto, H., 2015. Industrial branding in the digital age. Journal of Business and Industrial marketing 30 (6), pp. 733 - 741.

  • Lipiäinen H., & Karjaluoto, H. 2015.The usage of digital marketing channels in SMEs. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (in press)

  • Lipiäinen, H. Karjaluoto, H. & Huhtamäki, M. 2014. Digital channels in the internal communication of a multinational corporation. Corporate Communications: An International Journal 19 (3), 275 – 286.

Research group: Digital Marketing

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YMAA125 Marketing Reseach (taught in Finnish)
  • YTTP230 Basics of Marketing (2hrs) (taught in Finnish)
  • YMAS360 Management of Marketing Communications (guiding and managing practices and group works) (taught in Finnish)
  • Guidance of M.Sc. Theses