Luoma-aho Vilma, Professor / Professori

Vice Dean, Research; Director of the Doctoral Programme in Business Studies; Head of Corporate Communication
Luoma-aho Vilma, Professor / Professori
Corporate Communication


Dr. Vilma Luoma-aho, Professor of Corporate Communication (Viestinnän johtaminen) got her PhD in Organizational Communication at Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä. She holds the title of docent of organizational communication at both University of Helsinki and University of Vaasa. She previously worked as Professor of Organizational Communication & PR at JYU in the Faculty of Humanities (2014-2016), and as a visiting scholar at Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California (2006) and Stanford University MediaX (2008-2009). Before that, she worked in the Academy of Finland funded Research project on Social Capital at the Department of History and Ethnology (2004-2006) and TEKES-funded research project on Measuring Intangible Assets in Organizations at Agora Center JYU (2009-2010). She is the first Finn to be invited to join the Arthur W. Page society for Global Communication Executives.

Luoma-aho is active in consulting businesses and public sector organizations with their stakeholder engagement, and serves as the Chairman of the Board of ProCom, the Communication Professionals in Finland since 2016. She has strong ties to businesses and the communication practice, and currently leads the TEKES-funded research consortium Opening the Black Box of Content Marketing in collaboration with University of Tampere, Finland; University of Oklahoma, OK, USA, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

Luoma-aho has won several awards for teaching, the communication profession and research including “Best Teacher in Intercultural Setting” at JYU in 2008 and “Communication Professional of the Year”, ProCom, 2014. She is the author and editor of several books including Läpinäkyvä Viestintä published in 2015. She is the professor in charge for the Finnish data of the European Communication Monitor, and currently working on two books for public sector communication and intangible assets (Wiley).

Areas of Interest

Stakeholder relations, corporate reputation, social capital for organizations, stakeholder expectations, digital publics, sponsored content, public sector communication, fake stakeholder influence (fakeholders), negative stakeholder engagement (hateholders), intangible assets

Research Areas

Her research interests include stakeholder relations, stakeholder expectations, stakeholder engagement and emotions, sponsored content and intangible assets in the context of organizations and their publics. She also specializes in public sector communication and has coined the concept of antifragile communication. She has published in top journals of corporate communication including Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Journal of Communication Management, Corporate Reputation Review, Journal of Public Relations Research, Business History, Business Ethics a European Review, Management Research Review, Journal of Crises and Contingencies, International Journal of Strategic Communication, Public Relations Review, and International Journal of Public Sector Management.

Recent Publications

  • Luoma-aho, V., Moreno, A. & Verhoeven, P. (2017) ”Crisis Response Strategies in Finland and Spain”, Journal of Crises and Contingencies, (REF)
  • Ikonen, P., Luoma-aho, V. & Bowden, S. (2017) ”Transparency for Sponsored Content: Analysing Codes of Ethics in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Journalism”, International Journal of Strategic Communication. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1553118X.2016.1252917 (REF)
  • Rissanen, H. & Luoma-aho, V. (2016) ”(Un)willing to engage? First look at the engagement types of millennials”, Corporate Communications, An International Journal, 21(4), 500-515 (REF)
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  • Canel, M.J. & Luoma-aho, V. (2015) “Crisis en la Administración Pública, oportunidad para la intangibilidad [Crisis in public administration, an opportunity for intangible assets]” In J. Villafañe (Eds.) La comunicación empresarial y la gestión de los intangibles en España y Latinoamérica (pp. 121-132). Madrid: Gedisa. (REF)
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  • Vos, M., Schoemaker, H. & Luoma-aho, V. (2014) “Setting the agenda for research on issue arenas” Corporate Communications, an International Journal (19)2, pp. 200-215. (REF)
  • Luoma-aho, V. & Mäkikangas, M. (2014) ”Does public sector merger (re)shape reputation? The International Journal of Public Sector Management, 27(1) pp. 39-52. (REF)

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Teaching (list of courses)

  • YCCS456 Digital Interaction (Part of the IMDP DMCC)
  • YTPP260 Viestinnän Johtamisen perusteet
  • YTPP261 Introduction to Corporate Communication
  • YCCA900  Kandidaattiseminaari (BA-seminar)
  • YCCS991 Syventävien opintojen seminaari (MA-Seminar)
  • YCCS991 M.Sc. Theses
  • Corporate Communication Doctoral seminars

Luoma-aho also teaches stakeholder relations and communication management at various eMBA programs and other commercial programs.