Malin Virpi, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja

Pedagogical Director
Malin Virpi, University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja
Management and leadership


Virpi Malin (PhD, Lic.Sc., MBA)  has background in adult education and is a qualified University Teacher.  She entered Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics in 2007 and has worked as a Lecturer and a University Teacher for management and leadership.  She is an active member of CMS and MED divisions at the Academy of Management and has run and facilitated several workshops at the AOM conferences and the CMS International Doctoral Consortium.  She was nominated as a member in the CMS Board of Executives in 2018. She has received the Best Critical Paper Award at the AOM conference in Vancouver in 2015. She was appointed as the Pedagogical Director of JSBE at the beginning of 2014. She is also a member of the JSBE educational improvement council. Her current responsibilities include lecturing, research and educational development. She represents JSBE in a national LITO project organization,  https://uturku.mrooms.net/ and is a partner in a national TYÖPEDA worklife pedagogy project, www.tyopeda.fi .  

Areas of Interest

University education, especially in the field of management and leadership, responsibility in business, Critical Management Studies, Goffmanian Frame Analysis

Research Areas

Learning and education, critically oriented management studies

Recent Publications

  • Pässilä, A., Malin, V., & Owens, A. 2019. Using Kaleidoscopic Pedagogy to Foster Critically Reflective Learning About Management and Leadership. In E. P. Antonacopoulou, & S. S. Taylor (Eds.), Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice : Volume 2: Arts-based Interventions (pp. 277-302). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Riivari, E., Malin, V., Jääskelä, P. & Lukkari, T. 2018 (forthcoming). University as a Workplace: searching for meaningful work. Teaching in Higher Education. First published online: https://doi.org/10.1080/13562517.2018.1563061.
  • Malin, V. & Riivari E. 2018. Mielekkyyttä työhön – Esimerkki korkeakoulukontekstista. In Naumanen & Liesivuori (eds.) Valmiina työelämään. Visioita ja näkökulmia työelämävalmiuksista sekä menetelmiä niiden kehittämiseen. VALTE. Grano Oy, Jyväskylä.
  • Heikkinen, S., Siltaoja, M., Riivari, E., Malin, V., Fougére, M. & Solitander, N. 2018. From the Editors: Varied Perspectives on Social Sustainability. Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies.
  • Murphy, J. & Malin, V. 2017. Democratic Transition in a Post-colonial State : Dialogue and discord in Tunisia’s post-revolutionary transition 2011-2014. In Murphy & Jammulamadaka (eds.) Governance, Resistance and the Post-Colonial State : Management and State Building. Routledge, New York, NY 1007.
  • Murphy, J. & Malin, V. 2015. How does dialogue really take place in a democratic transition? Paper presented at the 2015 Academy of Management Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Best Critical Paper Award. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings. 2015, Vol. 2015 Issue 1, p1-1. 1p. DOI: 10.5465/AMBPP.2015.33.
  • Siltaoja, M., Malin, V. & Pyykkönen M. 2015. We are all responsible now: Governmentality and responsibilized subjects  in Corporate Social Responsibility. Management Learning 46: 444-460.
  • Malin, V. Tiimityöllä tuloksia? 2015. In Jääskelä & Kokko (eds.). Pedagogiset kokeilut jakoon! Polkuja interaktiiviseen yliopisto-opetukseen.
  • Malin, V. & Takala, T. 2014. Sivutoimisen tohtoriopiskelun kehykset kauppatieteissä - johtajat tohtoriputkessa ja opetushallinnon pyörteissä. Hallinnon tutkimus. Vol. 33. 1. 63-69
  • Malin, V., Murphy, J. & Siltaoja, M.  (eds.) 2013. Getting Things Done. Dialogues in Critical Management Studies, Volume 2. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
  • Murphy, J., Malin, V. & Siltaoja, M. 2013. Beyong critique: towards transformative practice in Critical Management Studies. Editors’ Introduction. In Malin, Murphy & Siltaoja (eds.) Getting Things Done. Dialogues in Critical Management Studies, Volume 2. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
  • Malin, V. 2012. Johtajasta tohtoriksi - osaajasta oppijaksi? Organisaatiossa oppimisen monta todellisuutta goffmanilaisena kehysanalyysina. Leaders as Learners. The Multiple Realities of Learning - a Goffmanian Frame Analysis. Academic dissertation. Jyväskylä Studies in Business and Economics.

Conference papers and presentations

  • Malin, V. 2018. “What is it that is going on here?” Goffman’s Frame Analysis and critically oriented studies. Academy of Management conference, Chicago, USA. 
  • Riivari, E., Malin, V., Lukkari, T. & Jääskelä, P. 2017. Feeling good and being inspired on campus: A search for meaningful work.  33rd EGOS colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Pässilä, A., Malin, V. & Owens, A. 2017. Arts based methods in business and management education: a critical
    perspective. 33rd EGOS colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Pässilä, A., Malin, V. & Owens, A. 2016. Arts and business oriented thinking:  the problematic when bringing together two different worlds. Academy of Management conference, Anaheim, USA.
  • Jääskelä, P., Malin, V., Riivari, E., Poikkkeus, A-M. & Rasku-Puttonen, H. 2016.  Promotion of students’ agency experiences with interactive pedagogy - Assessment of students’ agency in two university courses. EARLI Sig 1 Assessment and evaluation, Munich Germany.
  • Malin, V., Riivari, E. & Jääskelä, P. 2015. Vuorovaikutus oppimisen resurssina massakurssilla. Presentation at Kasvatustieteen päivät . Åbo Akademi, Vaasa

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YJOS4130 Oppiminen organisaatiossa
  • YJOA2120Työhyvinvoinnin johtaminen
  • YJOA2130 Johdon ja henkilöstön kehittäminen
  • YTTP2110 Introduction to Management and Leadership

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