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Maliranta Mika, Professor / Professori


PhD (Economics) in 2003 from Helsinki School of Economics, Professor since 2009 at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Research Director at ETLA, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Helsinki) since 2009, with responsibility for the research programme Competition, Innovation and Productivity. He is a Member of Bureau of OECD Working Party on Industry Analyses, a Member of Advisory Board of the National Audit Office of Finland, a Member of Advisory Board of Statistics Finland, and a Member of Board of Directors in the Consumer Society Research Centre at University of Helsinki. His research interests include economic growth, micro-level mechanisms of productivity growth, the determinants of productivity, worker flows, and more recently occupational restructuring. Research results have been published in a number peer-reviewed international journal articles including, inter alia, Applied Economics, Economic Policy, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Research Policy and Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

Areas of Interest

Economic growth, micro-level dynamics of productivity growth, t&k&i and productivity, ICT and productivity, job and worker flows, dynamics of aggregate wage growth, regional development

Research Areas

Spatial labour market analysis, Entrepreneurship and firms, Ageing in Society

Recent Publications

  • KAUHANEN, A. - MALIRANTA, M. (2017). The Roles of Job and Worker Restructuring in Aggregate Wage Dynamcis. Review of Income & Wealth, in press (
  • HYYTINEN, A. - MALIRANTA, M. (2015). Yritysjohdon taloustiede: yritykset taloudessa ja taloustieteessä. Spillover Economics Oy, Helsinki. (ks.
  • ILMAKUNNAS, P. and MALIRANTA, M. (2016) How does the age structure of worker flows affect firm performance? Journal of Productivity Analysis, 46(1), 43-62.
  • MALIRANTA, M. - MÄÄTTÄNEN, N. (2015). An Augmented Static Olley-Pakes Productivity Decomposition with Entry and Exit: Measurement and Interpretation. Economica, 82, 1372-1416.10.1111/ecca.12159.
  • HYYTINEN, A- - ILMAKUNNAS, P - MALIRANTA, M. (2015). Olley–Pakes productivity decomposition: computation and inference. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)
  • HALLER, S. A. – KAITILA, V. – MALIRANTA, M. – MILET, M. – ROJEC, M. – MIRZA, D (2015). The performance of trading firms in the services sectors comparable evidence from four EU countries, The World Economy, 38(2), 1809-1849.
  • ANYADIKE-DANES, M. – BJUGGREN, C.M. – GOTTSCHALK, S. – HÖLZL, W. – JOHANSSON, D. – MALIRANTA, M. – MYRANN, A.G. (2004). An international cohort comparison of size effects on job growth. Small Business Economics, 2014, 1-24.
  • HALLER, S. A. – DAMIJAN, J. - KAITILA, V. – KOSTEVC, Č. – MALIRANTA, M. – MILET, M. – ROJEC, M. – MIRZA, D. (2014). Trading firms in the services sectors: comparable evidence from four EU countries. Review of World Economics, 2014, 3(150), 471-505.
  • HYYTINEN, M. – MALIRANTA, M. (2013). Firm lifecycles and evolution of industry productivity. Research Policy, 42(5), 1080-1098.
  • BÖCKERMAN, P – MALIRANTA, M. (2013). Outsourcing, Occupational Restructuring, and Employee Well-Being: Is There a Silver Lining? Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 2013, 52(4), 878-914.
  • BÖCKERMAN, P – MALIRANTA, M. (2012). Globalization, creative destruction, and labour share change: evidence on the determinants and mechanisms from longitudinal plant-level data. Oxford Economic Papers, 64(2), 259-280.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • KTTS167: Advanced Macroeconomics 2 (growth theory)

I'm a part time professor