Pajunen Kalle, Professor / Professori

Head of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Pajunen Kalle, Professor / Professori
Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Dr. Kalle Pajunen is professor of strategic management. Pajunen received his PhD in strategy from the Tampere University of Technology in 2004. He also holds MA degree from the University of Jyväskylä. Prior to joining JSBE in 2013 he worked as a professor of management and organization at the Turku School of Economics. Pajunen has examined topics related to international business, strategic management and organization theory. Regarding international business he has studied, for example, how different institutional environments influence business activities of firms, internationalization processes of firms as well as the process dynamics of cross-cultural joint-venture relationships. Regarding strategic management he has examined topics related to stakeholder management, inter-organizational relationships, corporate political activity, organizational decline and turnaround processes as well as strategic leadership. Regarding organization theory he has studied questions related to individual agency and institutional determinism as well as provided philosophical and methodological contributions related to explanation by mechanisms and comparative analysis. His research has been published e.g. in Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Human Relations, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, and Organization Studies. He is an editorial board member of Asia Pacific Journal of Management.

Areas of Interest

Strategic management, international strategy, business and society, process and comparative (fsQCA) methods, mechanisms.

Recent Publications

  • Aspara, J., Pajunen, K., Tikkanen, H. and Tainio, R. (2014). Explaining corporate short-termism: Self-reinforcing processes and biases among investors, media, and corporate managers. Socio-Economic Review, 12(4): 667–693.
  • Pajunen, K. (2014). Strategisen johtamisen muuttuvat kontekstit. The Finnish Journal of Business Economics, 2014/1: 82-85.
  • Pajunen, K. and Airo, V. (2013). Country-specificity and industry performance: A configurational analysis of the European generic medicines industry. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 38: 255–278.
  • Pajunen, K. and Fang, L. (2013). Dialectical tensions and path dependence in international joint venture evolution and termination. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30 (2): 577-600.
  • Pajunen, K. (2011). A ”black box” of stakeholder thinking. Journal of Business Ethics, 96 (1): 27-32.
  • Skippari, M. and Pajunen, K. (2010). MNE-NGO-host government relationships in the escalation of an FDI conflict. Business & Society, 49 (4): 619–651.
  • Lamberg, J. A. and Pajunen, K. (2010). Agency, institutional change and continuity: The case of the Finnish Civil War. Journal of Management Studies, 47 (5): 814–836.
  • Mantere, S., Pajunen, K., and Lamberg, J. A. (2009). Vices and virtues of corporate political activity: The challenge of international business. Business & Society, 48 (1): 105–132.
  • Pajunen, K. (2008). The nature of organizational mechanisms. Organization Studies, 29 (11): 1449–1468.
  • Pajunen, K., and Maunula, M. (2008). Internationalisation: A co-evolutionary perspective. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 24 (3): 247–258.
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  • Lamberg, J. A., Pajunen, K., Parvinen, P., and Savage, G. T. (2008). Stakeholder management and path dependence in organizational transitions. Management Decision, 46 (6): 846–863.
  • Laaksonen, T., Pajunen, K., and Kulmala, H. (2008). Co-evolution of trust and dependence in customer-supplier relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 37 (8): 910–920.

Teaching (2014)

  • Strategic and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Research methodology
  • Master thesis seminar
  • Doctoral seminar