Pehkonen Jaakko, Professor / Professori

Head of Economics
Pehkonen Jaakko, Professor / Professori


Dr. Jaakko Pehkonen, Professor of Economics. He received a Doctoral degree in 1990 (Jyväskylä). He also holds MA and MPhil degrees from the University of Essex, UK, where he studied in 1985-1987. He has served as the Dean of the JSBE (1998-2008) and the first vice rector of the University (2010-2012). He has been a Member of the Ministry of Finance (Scientific Committee, 2003-2007) and the Academy of Finland (Research Council for Culture and Society 2007-2009). He has served, among other things, at European Association of Labour Economists (Member of the Executive Committee, 2000-2005), Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation (Member of the Scientific Committee, 2001-2007), OP Foundation (Chairman of the Board, 2013 onwards), and at Finnish Economic Association (Member and Chairman of the Board, 1999-2002). He also holds several prominent positions in companies, including the OP Central Co-operative (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, 2014 onwards) and OP Central Finland (Chairman of the Board, 2014 onwards).

His main research interests are in labour, health and regional economics, particularly in questions related to long-term labour market performance. His research has been published, e.g., in European Economic Review, Explorations in Economic History, Health Economics, Labour Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics,  Regional Studies, Social Science and Medicine.

Areas of Interest

Labour Economics, Health Economics

Research Areas

Matching, technology, wages, education, health, health behaviour

Recent Publications

  • Income and mental well-being: personality straits as moderators / S. Syren, K. Kokko, L. Pulkkinen, J. Pehkonen  - Journal of Happiness Studies 19 (2019) (forthcoming)

  • Technology change and wage premiums amongst high skilled labor: evidence from historical data/ J. Pehkonen, T. Neuvonen, J. Ojala - Applied Economics Letters 26 (2019) (forthcoming)

  • The effect of weight on labour market outcomes: an application of genetic instrumental variables / P. Böckerman, J. Cawley, J. Viinikainen, T. Lehtimäki, S. Rovio, I. Seppälä, J. Pehkonen, O. Raitakari – Health Economics 28 (2019), 65-77.  

  • Does education protect against depression? Evidence from the Young Finns Study using Mendelian randomization / J. Viinikainen, A. Bryson, P. Böckerman, M. Elovainio, N. Pitkänen, L. Pulkki-Råback, T. Lehtimäki, O. Raitakari, J. Pehkonen - Preventive Medicine 115 (2018), 134-139.

  • Taloudelliset kannusteet ja työttömien työllistyminen / Pehkonen, J., Huuskonen, J. Tornberg K. – Kansantaloudellinen Aikakauskirja 114 (2018), 225-239.

  • Työmarkkinoiden heikko kohtaanto on erityisesti kasvukeskusten ongelma / Pehkonen, J., Huuskonen, J. Tornberg K. – Työpoliittinen Aikakauskirja 61 (2018), 74-81.

  • Gene-Environment Interactions Between Education and Body Mass: Evidence from the UK and Finland / V., Amin, P. Böckerman, J. Viinikainen, Y. Bo, M. Kumari, M. C. Smart, N. Pitkänen, T. Lehtimäki, O. Raitakari, J. Pehkonen - Social Science & Medicine 195 (2017), 12-16.

  • Promotions and earnings - gender or merit? Evidence from personnel data / J. Jokinen and J. Pehkonen – Journal of Labor Research 38 (2017), 306-334.

  • Genetic inputs, parental resources and health: evidence from the YFS study / J. Pehkonen, J. Viinikainen, P. Böckerman, T. Lehtimäki, N. Pitkänen, O. Raitakari – Social Science & Medicine 188 (2017), 191-200.

  • The challenges of GxE research: A rejoinder / J. Pehkonen, J. Viinikainen, P. Böckerman, T. Lehtimäki, N. Pitkänen, O. Raitakari – Social Science & Medicine 188 (2017), 204—205.

  • Does higher education protect against obesity? Evidence using Mendelian randomization /P. Böckerman, J. Viinikainen, L. Pulkki-Råback, T. Lehtimäki, J. Pehkonen and O. Raitakari – Preventive Medicine 101 (2017), 195-198.

  • Born Entrepreneur? Adolescents’ personality characteristics and entrepreneurship in adulthood / J. Viinikainen, G. Heineck, M. Hintsanen, O. Raitakari, J. Pehkonen – Journal of Business Venturing Insights 8 (2017), 9-12.

  • Profit sharing and the firm-size wage premium / J. Pehkonen, S. Pehkonen, M. Strifler, M. Maliranta – Labour 31 (2017), 153-173.

  • Biomarkers and long-term labour market outcomes: the case of creatine / P. Böckerman A. Bryson, J. Viinikainen, L. Keltikangas-Järvinen, O. Raitakari, J.Pehkonen – Journal of Economic Behavior and Organizations 142 (2017), 259-274.

  • Longitudinal associations between physical activity and educational outcomes/ J. T. Kari, J. Pehkonen, N. Hutri-Kähönen, O. Raitakari, T. Tammelin – Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise (2017).

  • The biometric antecedents to happiness / P. Böckerman, A. Bryson, J. Viinikainen, J. Pehkonen, J. Viikari, O. Raitakari  - Plos ONE, September 15 (2017).

  • The copper/zinc ratio and educational attainment: a population based study / P. Böckerman, A. Bryson, J. Viinikainen, T. Lehtimäki, E. Vuori, L. Keltikangas-Järvinen, O. Raitakari, J. Pehkonen – Journal of Public Health 38 (2017), 696-703.

  • Stature and long-term labor market outcomes: evidence using Mendelian randomization / P. Böckerman, J. Viinikainen, J. Vainiomäki, M. Hintsanen, N. Pitkänen, T. Lehtimäki, J. Pehkonen, S. Rovio, O. Raitakari – Economics and Human Biology 24 (2017), 18-29.

  • Depressive symptoms and income: The Young Finns Study / C. Hakulinen, M. Elovainio, L. Pulkki-Råback, P. Böckerman, J.  Viinikainen, J. Pehkonen, O. Raitakari, L. Keltikangas-Järvinen, M. Hintsanen – Journal of Affective Disorders 204 (2016), 120-123.

  • Deskilling and decline in skill premiums during the age of sail: Swedish and Finnish seamen, 1751-1913, J. Ojala, / J. Pehkonen, J. Eloranta – Explorations in Economic History 61 (2016), 85-94.

  • Childhood physical activity and adulthood earnings/ J. Kari, T. Tammelin, J. Viinikainen, N. Hutri-Kähönen, O. Raitakari, J.Pehkonen – Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise (2016), 1340-46. 

  • Creatine and entrepreneurship/ C.A. Rietweld, P. Böckerman, L. J. Viinikainen, A. Bryson, O. Raitakari, J.Pehkonen – Journal of Bioeconomics 18 (2016), 53-64.

  • Income and physical activity among Finnish adults: evidence from subjective and pedometer based activity / J. Kari, J. Pehkonen, M. Hirvensalo, X. Yang, O. Raitakari, T. Tammelin –   Plos ONE, 10(8) (2015).

  • Relative age at school entry, school performance and long-term labour market outcomes / J. Pehkonen, V. Viinikainen, P. Böckerman, L. Keltikangas-Järvinen, L. Pulkki-Råback, O. Raitakari – Applied Economics Letters 22 (2015), 1345-138.

  • Establishment size and task-specific wages: evidence from historical contract data/ J. Pehkonen – Economics Letters 124 (2014), 48-50.

  • Personality and labour market performance of dropouts / J. Viinikainen, K. Kokko, L. Pulkkinen, J. Pehkonen – Journal of Economic Studies 41(2014), 453-468.

  • Technological change and wage premiums: historical evidence from linked employer-employee data / S.M. Hynninen, J. Ojala, J. Pehkonen – Labour Economics 24 (2013), 1-12.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • KTTA250 Econometrics I, Autumn 2018
  • KTTS520 Labour Economics II, Autumn 2016
  • KTTS991 Master thesis seminar, Autumn-Spring 2018-19