Pesonen Hanna, Professor / Professori

Dean, Head of Corporate Environmental Management
Pesonen Hanna, Professor / Professori
Corporate Environmental Management


Hanna-Leena Pesonen has Ph.D. in environmental management and M.Sc. degree in marketing, and holds her current position since 2001. Her areas of expertise include corporate environmental strategies and marketing, material flow management, and environmental management systems. Lately most of her research has focused on developing sustainable business and bioeconomy. Pesonen has participated in the work of several international research groups with partners from research institutions, public sector, and business. She has published articles in several international journals. She is co-author of SETAC’s code of practice for environmental life cycle costing (LCC), and member of the editorial board of International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Beside academic research, she has actively worked with sustainability challenges of business through consulting and executive education both in Finland and abroad. She has experience from several sectors, especially in real estate and housing, trade, and tourism. Pesonen’s current positions of trust include board membership at insurance and financial company LocalTapiola Central Finland.

Why is My Research Important and to Whom

Pesonen’s research supports businesses in defining their sustainability challenges, goals and strategies, and offers tools for assessment of product sustainability.

Areas of Interest

Corporate Environmental Strategies and Marketing, Material Flow Management, Environmental Management Systems

Research Areas

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility, Corporate Environmental Management, Life Cycle Sustainability, Bioeconomy

Recent Publications

  • Hämäläinen, S. & Pesonen, H-L., Business Opportunities for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Biorefinery Networks, Journal of Science & Technology for Forest Products and Processes, Vol. 4, No. 5, 6-11, 2015
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  • Näyhä, A. & Pesonen, H-L., Strategic Change in the Forest Industry Towards the Biorefining Business, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 81, No. 1, 259-271, 2014
  • Pesonen, H-L. & Benoit, C., Parallel Life Cycle Methods, Chapter 16 in Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (eds. Schenck, R. & White, P.), ACLCA, Vashon Island, WA, 2014
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    Teaching (list of courses)

    • CEMS230 Managing a Green Organisation
    • Supervision of Master’s Thesis
    • Supervision of PhD Thesis