Riivari Elina, Project Researcher / Projektitutkija

Riivari Elina, Project Researcher / Projektitutkija
Management and leadership


PhD (Econ), M.A., Elina Riivari defended her doctoral dissertation in management and leadership at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics in May 2016. Her research focuses on ethics and innovativeness in organisations. At the moment, Elina Riivari is working as a project researcher (post doc) in MORE project that examines moral intensity and moral decision-making in Finnish elite-sport organizations using mixed methods approach. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. In addition, she works in nationwide VALTE project, which aims to develop teaching related to working life skills in higher education. Riivari has previously worked as a university teacher (leadership and management) at the University of Jyväskylä Open University and taught courses related to human resource management.

Research Areas

Business Ethics, Responsible Business & Management, Organisational Culture and Innovativeness, HRM & Ethics

Recent Publications

  • Collin, K., Lemmetty, S., Herranen, S., Paloniemi, S., Auvinen, T., & Riivari, E. (2017). Professional agency and creativity in information technology work. In M. Goller, & S. Paloniemi (Eds.), Agency at Work : An Agentic Perspective on Professional Learning and Development (pp. 249-270). Springer Netherlands. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-60943-0_13

  • Riivari, E., & Lämsä, A.-M. (2017). Organizational Ethical Virtues of Innovativeness. Journal of Business Ethicsdoi:10.1007/s10551-017-3486-6. Published online 03 March 2017. Available online: http://rdcu.be/pNx1

  • Kujala, J., Lämsä, A.-M., & Riivari, E. (2017). Company stakeholder responsibility: An empirical investigation of top managers’ attitudinal change. Baltic Journal of Management, 12 (2), 114-138. doi:10.1108/BJM-07-2016-0148. 

  • Lämsä, A-M, Pucetaite, R., Kujala, J., Heikkinen, A., Riivari, E., & Medisiene, A. (forthcoming). Teaching and learning business ethics in a multicultural group. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies

  • Pučėtaitė, R., Novelskaitė, A., Lämsä, A.-M., & Riivari, E. (2016). The Relationship Between Ethical Organisational Culture and Organisational Innovativeness: Comparison of Findings from Finland and Lithuania. Journal of Business Ethics. DOI:10.1007/s10551-016-3051-8.
  • Lämsä, A.-M., Pucėtaitė, R., Kujala, J., Medeišienė, R. A., Riivari, E., Bulatova, J., Heikkinen, A. (2015). Mixed Learning Approach to Teaching Ethics in Leadership and Management : A Case Course in a Multicultural Group. In G. D. Sardana, & T. Thatchenkery (Eds.), Managing Complex Organization Change : Action-oriented Approaches for Sustaining Positive Interventions (pp. 352-364). Bloomsbury Publishing India.
  • Riivari, E. (2015). Mixing Methods in Organizational Ethics and Organizational Innovativeness Research : Three Approaches to Mixed Methods Analysis. In R. Pučėtaitė, A. Novelskaitė, & R. Pušinaitė (Eds.), Organizacijų etika, novatoriškumas ir darniosios inovacijos : mokslo monografija (pp. 193-207). Vilnius: Akademinė leidyba. Retrieved from https://jyx.jyu.fi/dspace/handle/123456789/48356.
  • Riivari, E., & Lämsä, A.-M. (2014). Does it Pay to Be Ethical? Examining the Relationship Between Organisations' Ethical Culture and Innovativeness. Journal of Business Ethics, 124 (1), 1-17. DOI:10.1007/s10551-103-1859-z. Retrieved from https://jyx.jyu.fi/dspace/handle/123456789/42413.
  • Riivari, E., Lämsä, A-M., Kujala, J. and Heiskanen, E. (2012). The ethical culture of organisations and organisational innovativeness. European Journal of Innovation Management 15 (3), 310-331. Retrieved from https://jyx.jyu.fi/dspace/handle/123456789/40633.
  • Lämsä, A.-M., & Riivari, E. (2012). Organisaatiokulttuurin eettisyys menestystä edistämässä. Teoksessa P. Juuti (toim.), Menestyksen salat (pp. 77-83). Helsinki, Suomi: Management Institute of Finland.

    Teaching (list of courses)

    • JSBY118 Haluatko kauppatietelijäksi
    • YTPP210 Yrityksen johtamisen ja johtajuuden perusteet
    • YTPP211 Introduction to management and leadership
    • YJOA240 Henkilöstöjohtaminen
    • YJOA250 Työhyvinvoinnin johtaminen
    • YJOA450 Yritys- ja johtamisetiikka
    • YJOA451 Business and Leadership Ethics
    • YJOS276 Cases in Business Ethics
    • TTKA942 Mentorointi
    • TTKA943 Vain työelämää
    • TTKA946 Työnhakuvalmiudet: CV-klinikka