Shaikh Aijaz A., University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja

Shaikh Aijaz A., University Teacher / Yliopistonopettaja


  • Ph.D. (Marketing) from the Jyväskylä University School of Business & Economics, Finland.
  • M.Sc. from Hanken School of Economics (AACSB / EQUIS accredited), Finland.
  • Member-Editorial Review Board, International Journal of E-Business Research (JUFO1). 
  • Academic speciality in Marketing (consumer behavior), Information Technology Adoption, and Mobile Financial Services.
  • Teaching experience at university level in undergraduate and graduate programs in Finland, Pakistan and elsewhere.
  • Over 13 years of practical/professional experience, mostly in the banking sector.
  • Over 5 years of teaching and research experience with notable merits in scientific research.
  • International cooperation & research collaboration with senior research fellows from Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA, South Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Ghana. 
  • Publications in renowned ISI indexed (including ABS-2/ABS-3/JUFO2) journals and conference proceedings (JUFO2) with over 260 citations in less than four years.
  • h-index = 5
  • Received 'Good Scientific Publisher Award 2015' at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics.
  • Good communication abilities (verbal and written) in English.
  • Good and effective interpersonal and presentation skills.

Dr. Aijaz is a self-motivated and disciplined individual with over 15 years of industry, teaching and research experience. His research interests include banking & technology adoption and usage, consumer behavior, mobile banking, payment systems, and social media technology.

Dr. Aijaz has published in a variety of journals such as Computers in Human Behavior, Telematics & Informatics, the Journal of Financial Services Marketing, International Journal of Bank Marketing, and the International Journal of e-Business Research.  Dr. Aijaz always keeps an international perspective in his teaching and research and has participated in international conferences in Boston (USA), Hawai'i (USA), France, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Egypt, and Malaysia.

Dr. Aijaz served the Institute of Bankers Pakistan as a professional trainer for 3 years. At IBP, Dr. Aijaz had developed and facilitated several executive and professional trainings and trained over 300 individuals on the topics of digital banking and payment systems. He also worked for the Central Bank of Pakistan for 12 years, where he formulated policy documents on digital banking & payment systems. In 2012, as a guest speaker, Dr. Aijaz delivered a presentation in Singapore on 'strategies to mitigate E-Fraud'.

Areas of Interest

Consumer Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Digital Banking; Mobile Financial Services, Social Media.

Research Areas

His empirical research has both qualitative and quantitative focus largely in the area of 'cross–cultural consumer behavior', 'global mobile banking adoption/usage', 'digital & social media marketing', 'shared/collaborative economy', and 'digital banking'.

Recent Publications

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Shaikh, A. A. (2016). Examining consumers' intention, behavior, and beliefs in mobile banking adoption and continuous usage. Jyväskylä studies in business and economics 172.

Journal Papers 

  • Bohlin, E., Shaikh, A.A., and Hanafizadeh, P., (2018). Social network banking: A case study of 100 leading global banks, International Journal of E-Business Research (forthcoming).
  • Shaikh, A.A., Glavee-Geo, R., and Karjaluoto, H. (2018). How relevant are risk perceptions, effort, and performance expectancy in mobile banking adoption?, International Journal of E-Business Research (forthcoming).
  • Shaikh, A.A., Glavee-Geo, R., and Karjaluoto, H. (2017). Exploring the nexus between financial sector reforms and the emergence of digital banking culture - Evidences from a developing market. Research in International Business and Finance, 42, 1030-1039.
  • Shaikh, A.A., Hanafizadeh, P., and Karjaluoto, H. (2017). Mobile banking and payment system - A conceptual standpoint, International Journal of E-Business Research, 13 (2), 14-27.
  • Glavee-Geo, R., Shaikh, A.A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2017). Mobile banking services adoption in Pakistan: Are there gender differences?, International Journal of Bank Marketing, 35 (7), 1-20.
  • Shaikh, A.A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2016). On Some Misconceptions Concerning Digital Banking And Alternative Delivery Channels, International Journal of E-Business Research, 12 (3), 1-16.
  • Shaikh, A.A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2015). Making the most of information technology & systems usage: A literature review, framework and future research agenda. Computers in Human Behavior, 49, 541–566.
  • Shaikh, A.A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2015). Mobile Banking Adoption: A literature review, Telematics and Informatics, 32 (1), 129-142.
  • Shaikh, A.A., Karjaluoto, H., and Nathalie, C. (2015). Consumers’ Perceptions of Mobile Banking Continuous Usage in Finland and South Africa, International Journal of Electronic Finance, 8 (2), 149-168.
  • Shaikh, A. A., Karjaluoto, H., & Chinje, N. B. (2015). Continuous mobile banking usage and relationship commitment–A multi-country assessment. Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 20 (3), 208-219.
  • Shaikh, A.A., and Shah S.M.M. (2012). ATM Fraud-Cased Study of a Commercial Bank in Pakistan, International Journal of Business and Management, 7 (22), pp. 100-108.

Full-Length Conference Papers

  • Shaikh, A.A., Glavee-Geo, R., Hinson, R.E., and Karjaluoto, H. (2018). Consumer engagement — Conceptualization and empirical evidence from mobile money services in Ghana. 25th International Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Services Science, Madeira, Portugal, July 16-19, 2018.
  • Panjwani, J.K., and Shaikh, A.A. (2017). Making Sense of Business School Field and Their Organizational Categories: Evidences from developing market. 24th Nordic Academy of Management Conference, Bodo, Norway, August 23-25, 2017.
  • Shaikh, A. A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2016). The effects of mobile banking application user satisfaction and system usage on bank-customer relationships, 20th International Academic MindTrek Conference (pp. 177-183), Tampere, Finland, October 17-18, 2016.
  • Janne, H., Karjaluoto, H., and Shaikh, A.A. (2016). Consumer engagement and behavioral intention towards continuous use of innovative mobile banking applications - Case study of Finland. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS-2016), Dublin, Ireland, December 11-14, 2016.   
  • Shaikh, A.A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2016). Mobile banking services continuous usage - Case study of Finland. The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-49), Kauai, Hawaii (USA), January 5-8, 2016.
  • Shaikh, A.A., Glavee-Geo, R., and Karjaluoto, H. (2015). An empirical investigation of mobile banking services adoption in Pakistan, 17th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2015), Paris, France, November 19-20, 2015.
  • Shaikh, A.A., and Karjaluoto, H. (2013). Mobile banking services and consumer behavior – A literature review, LCBR European Marketing Conference, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August 15-16, 2013.

Other Publications

Book Chapters:

  • Shaikh, A.A., Glavee-Geo, R., and Karjaluoto, H. (2018). Social network brand visibility (SNBV): Conceptualization and empirical evidence. Springer (Forthcoming).

Research group: Digital Marketing

Teaching (list of courses)

  • Information Technology Acceptance and Digital Technology User (YMAS3110 )
  • International Marketing (YMAA361)
  • Introduction to Marketing (YTPP231)