Storhammar Esa, Senior Researcher / Erikoistutkija

Storhammar Esa, Senior Researcher / Erikoistutkija
Management and leadership


Esa Storhammar is working as a senior researcher in management and leadership. He has extensive experience as a project researcher. During the last years he has taken part in many evaluation projects, for example Evaluation of regional centre program effects on period 2003-2006, The Role of the Structural Funds in developing learning regions, Employment effects of investment subsidies and Evaluation of regional economic impacts of local fuels (wood, peat etc.). His theoretical studies have connected to innovation activities in SMEs and the methods of regional impact assessment.

Areas of Interest

small firms and entrepreneurship, innovation, local environment, evaluation and impact research

Research Areas

Entrepreneurship and firms, Responsible Business & Management, Spatial Entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, impact analysis

Recent Publications

  • Storhammar, E. (2010) Local environment and the small and medium sized enterprises. Observations of the factors which affect the operations of firms. Jyväskylä studies in business and economics 89. Jyväskylä. (Diss.)
  • Storhammar, E. and Tohmo, T.  (2010) Innovation activity in the SMEs: what factors do have effect? European Regional Science Association 50th Congress, 19-23 August 2010, Jönköping, Sweden.
  • Storhammar, E. and Tohmo, T. (2010) The nexus between Culture and Economics – Culture as a Contributory Factor in the Competitiveness of Region. In Mälkki M. & Schmidt-Thomö K. (eds.) Integrating Aims – Built Heritage in Social and Economic Development. Aalto University, School of Science and Technology, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Publications B 98, Espoo 2010.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YJO860 Innovation management ("innovaatiojohtaminen" in Finnish), Spring 2011.