Stucki Tobias, Visiting Researcher

Corporate Environmental Management

Tobias Stucki is a visiting scholar from Switzerland and joined the chair of CEM in November 2016. He received a research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, which allows him to stay for two years.

Prior to joining CEM, Tobias was researcher at the KOF Swiss Economic Institute at the ETH Zurich. Tobias holds a Master in Business and Economics from the University of Basel and a PhD in Management and Economics from the University of Zurich.

Tobias’ main research interests are in entrepreneurship and innovation economics, with a main focus on environmental innovation.

Recent publications in peer-reviewed journals (last three years):

  • Arvanitis, S., Peneder, M., Rammer, C., Stucki, T., & Wörter, M. (2017). Development and utilization of energy-related technologies, economic performance and the role of policy instruments. Journal of Cleaner Production, 159, 47-61.
  • Rammer, C., Gottschalk, S., Peneder, M., Wörter, M., Stucki, T., & Arvanitis, S. (2017). Does energy policy hurt international competitiveness of firms? A comparative study for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Energy Policy, 109, 154-180.
  • Arvanitis, S., Bolli, T., & Stucki, T. (2017), In or Out: How Insourcing Foreign Input Production Affects Domestic Production. Management International Review, forthcoming.
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