Taiminen Kimmo, Doctoral Student / Tohtorikoulutettava

Taiminen Kimmo, Doctoral Student / Tohtorikoulutettava


Kimmo Taiminen, doctoral student in Marketing, obtained his master’s degrees in Marketing and in Organizational Communication & PR from the University of Jyväskylä. In academia, he has been working as a project manager in a project examining new media advertising formats and their transparency. In 2015 he started as a project researcher in DIGA-project in the School of Business and Economics focusing on studying consumer engagement in content marketing activities. In the past, Taiminen has been teaching a course of Monitoring public perception and given lectures in Content strategy and entrepreneurship and Advanced research methods -courses in the Department of Communication and presented in several practitioner events as well as in academic conferences.

Areas of Interest

Consumer engagement, Customer experiences, Content marketing, Consumer behavior, Advertising

Research Areas

Digital marketing, Consumer engagement, Branding

Recent Publications

  • Taiminen, K., Luoma-aho, V. & Tolvanen, K. (2015). The Transparent Communicative Organization and New Hybrid Forms of Content. Public Relations Review.
  • Taiminen, K. (in press). Maksettujen mediasisältöjen läpinäkyvyys. In publication Luoma-aho (ed.). 2015. ProComma Academic 2015.
  • Taiminen, K. Luoma-aho, V. & Tsetsura, K. 2015. Transparency self-evaluation for hybrid PR. Conference Proceedings presented in International Public Relations Research Conference. Miami.
  • Taiminen, K., Lievonen, M., Melgin, E. & Luoma-aho, V. 2014. Finland PR Country Landscape 2014. Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.