Takala Tuomo, Professor / Professori

Head of Management and Leadership
Takala Tuomo, Professor / Professori
Management and leadership


Born 1955 in Kuusankoski, Finland.

Ph.D (business economics), 1991. Ph.D (philosophy), 2012. Ph.D (sociology), 2013.

Start studying in  Jyväskylä University, 1977 (Business Economics), M.Sc (Business Economics, 1982). In the same time started to study philosophy, M.Sc (philosophy, 1986).

Acted as assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor (tenure 2002)[Management and Leadership], 1983 – 2011, in the University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics.

Nominated as Full Professor of Management and Leadership (University of Jyväskylä), 2002.

Professor in charge of (Discipline)  Management and Leadership, 2002 -

Several administrative duties,e.g. : Vice Dean of the Faculty, 2001 – 2003 Dean of the Faculty, 2003 – 2004

Continuing contributor on: Journal of Business Ethics, Emerald Journals, Business Ethics- An European Review., Social Responsibility Journal

Editor in Chief in EJBO (Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organizational Studies), 1996 -

Areas of Interest

Business Ethics, Qualitative Research, Responsible Management, Leadership studies, Charisma -studies

Research Areas

Responsible Business & Management, Leadership & Narratives, Charismatic Leadership

Recent Publications

  • Jari Syrjälä & Tuomo Takala.: Social Responsibility Issues in Nordic Business Mergers: the Case of Electro-Business. Social Responsibility Journal. Vol 2. No 2 , 2009.
  • Susanna Myllylä &  Tuomo Takala: Leaking Legitimacies: Finnish Forest Sector Entanglement to the Land Conflicts of the Northeastern Brazil. Social Responsibility Journal. Vol 7. No 1 , 2011.
  • Takala, T. (2010). Dark leadership, charisma and trust. Psychology, 1 (1), 59 - 63.
  • Kerttula, K & Takala, T: Power and Strategic Change in a Multinational Industrial Corporation. Leadership and Organizational Development Journal. 2012.
  • Lähdesmäki, M & Takala, T: Altruism in business - An empirical study of philanthropy in the small business context. Social Responsibility Journal 2012.
  • Takala, Tuomo – Tanttu, Sanja – Lämsä, Anna-Maija – Virtanen, Aila. Discourses of Charisma: Barack Obama’s first six months as the President of the USA. Journal of Business Ethics. Accepted, in press. Now Available online. 2013.
  • Auvinen, Tommi – Lämsä, Anna-Maija – Sintonen, Teppo – Takala, Tuomo. Leadership Manipulation and Ethics in Storytelling. Journal of Business Ethics. Accepted, in press. Now Available online. 2013.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • Organizing and Leadership. YJOS610
  • Work, organizing and society. YJOS467
  • Bachelor thesis seminar. YJOA900
  • Graduate seminar to master level students.YJOS991
  • Post graduate seminar to Ph.D students.YJOJ910
  • KATAJA -course Organization Studies and Managerial Thinking TTKJ221