Tervo Hannu, Professor / Professori

Tervo Hannu, Professor / Professori


Professor Hannu Tervo got his Doctoral degree in Economics in 1991. His main research interests are in regional and labour economics, particularly in questions related to spatial labour market analysis, labour migration, self-employment and regional development.

His research has been published widely in different journals and books, including regional economics journals (e.g. Regional Studies, Journal of Regional Science, Papers in Regional Science, Annals of Regional Science, Spatial Economic Analysis, International Regional Science Review), general economics journals (e.g. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Applied Economics, International Review of Applied Economics), small business and entrepreneurship journals (e.g. Small Business Economics, International Small Business Journal, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business) and other journals (e.g. Explorations in Economic History, Labour - Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relation). In addition, Tervo has several research reports and articles in various proceedings, the total number of publications being more than 200.

Tervo has had several research projects, funded e.g. by the Academy of Finland, which have produced both post-graduate degrees and international publications. Currently (2016-2019), he is leading a project in a programme "Urbanising Society" financed by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland. Tervo has been a supervisor, external reviewer and opponent in several doctoral dissertations. He has given several expert opinions and evaluations.Tervo has been a chairman for the annual ERSA congress held in Jyväskylä in 2003 and a member in several organizing and scientific committees for other congresses.

Tervo has worked as an expert in several working groups and written expert’s reports and analyses. He has also written columns to magazines and newspapers.

Areas of Interest

Spatial labour markets, regional development, migration, self-employment

Research Areas

Spatial Labour Market Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Firms, Spatial Entrepreneurship, Ageing in Society

Recent Publications

  • Tervo, H. (forthcoming) Do people follow jobs or do jobs follow people? The case of Finland in an international context. Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy.
  • Tervo, H. (2014). Starting a new business later in life. Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 27(2), 171-190.
  • Tervo, H. (2014).Kysyntä- vai tarjontavetoinen aluekasvu? Aluetalouksien kehitys Suomessa 1990-2010.  Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja, 110(2), 191-203.
  • Mukkala, K. & Tervo, H. (2013). Air transportation and regional growth: which way does the causality run? Environment and Planning A, 45,150-1520.
  • Haapanen, M. & Tervo, H. (2012). Migration of the highly educated: Evidence from residence spells of university graduates. Journal of Regional Science, 52(4), 587-605.
  • Tokila, A. & Tervo, H. (2011) Regional differences in returns to education for entrepreneurs vs. wage earners. Annals of Regional Science, 47(3), 689-710.
  • Tervo, H. (2010) Cities, hinterlands and agglomeration shadows: spatial developments in Finland during 1880-2004. Explorations in Economic History 47 (2010): 476-486.
  • Tervo, H. (2009) Centres and peripheries in Finland: Granger causality tests using panel data. Spatial Economic Analysis 4 (2009): 377-390.
  • Haapanen, M. & Tervo, H. (2009). Self-employment duration in urban and rural locations. Applied Economics, 41 (19),  2449-2461.

Teaching (list of courses)

  • Regional economics
  • Advanced microeconomics
  • Advanced level seminar (presently)