Tohmo Timo, Senior Researcher / Yliopistotutkija

Tohmo Timo, Senior Researcher / Yliopistotutkija


Dr. Timo Tohmo works as an Assistant Professor in Economics at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Finland.  He gives courses in regional economics, mathematical economics and environmental economics. He also guides bachelor's thesis in economics.

His main research interests are in regional economics, cultural economics, tourism  economics, and the economic impact studies.  His research has published e.g. in Regional Studies, Tourism Economics and Journal of Socio–Economics. Tohmo has been also active in giving referee reports. He has served as an referee for example for Regional Studies, Tourism Economics, Journal of Socio-Economics, Economic Systems research, Journal of Cultural Economics, international Regional Science Reviw and Geografiska Annaler.

Areas of Interest

regional economics, cultural economics, input-output analysis

Research Areas

Spatial labour market analysis, Cultural Economics

Recent Publications

  • Tohmo, T., (2004): New Developments in the Use of location Quotients to Estimate Regional Input-Output Coefficients and Multipliers. Regional Studies, Vol. 38.1, pp. 43-54. February 2004.
  • Tohmo, T., (2005): Economic impacts of cultural events on local economies- An input-output analysis of Kaustinen Folk Music festival. Tourism Economics, Vol. 11, pp. 431-452.
  • Tohmo, T. & Littunen, H. & Tanninen, H., (2006): Backward and forward linkages, specialization and concentration in Finnish manufacturing in the period 1995-1999. European Journal of Spatial Development (EJSD), April 2006, No. 19.
  • Tohmo, T. & Littunen, H. & Storhammar, E. (2010): Entrepreneurial and regional growth activity in Finland. Journal of Enterprising Culture, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 205-228.
  • Flegg, A.T. & Tohmo, T. (2011): Regional Input-Output Models and the FLQ Formula: A Case Study of Finland. (Forthcoming: Regional Studies).

Teaching (list of courses)

  • KTTA210 Mathematical Economics I, 5 ECTS credits (Lectures 20 h + 1 exercise group 10 h)
  • KTTS430 Regional Economics II, 5 ECTS credits (26 h)
  • KTTA730 Environmental Economics 6 ECTS credits (34 h)
  • KTTS530 Topics in Spatial Labour Markets, 7 ECTS credits (2 h)
  • Bachelor's seminar in Economics (guiding bachelor's thesis) Research methodology, qvantitative methods for bachelor students (12 h)

In the past, Tohmo has also taught following courses:

  • KTTS220 Mathematical economics II, 8 ECTS credits
  • KTTA510 Labour Economics I, 5 ECTS credits
  • KTTP720 History of Economic Thought 4 ECTS credits