Uusitalo Outi, Professor / Professori

Uusitalo Outi, Professor / Professori


Outi Uusitalo obtained a PhD in Marketing from the University of Jyväskylä in 1998. Her current research delves into various themes of consumer behaviour, services marketing management, retail management and strategy, ethics in marketing, packaging value chain, consumers’ financial capability.  She is the chair of the Finnish Association of Consumer Research and the editor in chief in Kulutustutkimus.Nyt.

Areas of Interest

Consumer behaviour, sustainable marketing and consumption, services marketing and management, retail management and strategy, places and spaces of consumption, packaging in the value chain, consumers' financial capability

Research Areas

Consumer behaviour, Retail management

Recent Publications

  • Pecoraro, M. & Uusitalo, O. Exploring the everyday retail experience: The discourses of style and design. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Early view.
  • Pecoraro, M. & Uusitalo, O. (2014). Conflicting Values of Ethical Consumption in Diverse Worlds – A Cultural Approach. Journal of Consumer Culture 14 (1), 45-65.
  • Luukkanen, L. & Uusitalo, O. (2014). Young people’s perceptions on the responsibilities of organisations promoting financial capability. International Journal of Consumer Studies 38 (2), 192-199.
  • Munnukka, J., Järvi, P. & Uusitalo. O. (2013) Impact of service quality dimensions on the formation of customer value in b to b services. Marketing Intelligence & Planning 31 (3), 286-299.
  • Niemelä-Nyrhinen, J. & Uusitalo, O. (2013) Identifying potential sources of value in a packaging value chain. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 28 (2), 76-85.
  • Pecoraro, M. & Uusitalo, O. (2013) Interpreting store design: Modern, romantic and pragmatic stores. Ekant Veer, Paul W. Ballantine & Lucie K. Ozanne (Eds), Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 10, 61-68.
  • Luoma-aho, V., Vos, M., Lappalainen, R., Lämsä, A.-M., Uusitalo, O., Maaranen, P. & Koski, A. (2012) Added value of intangibles for organizational innovation. Human Technology 8 (1), 7-23.
  • Pekkarinen, A.-M, & Uusitalo, O. (2011) Pakkaus palveluna – Arvon yhteisluominen kuluttajan ja pakkauksen välisessä vuorovaikutuksessa. Kulutustutkimus.Nyt 5 (2), 42-58.
  • Pellinen, A., Törmäkangas, K., Uusitalo, O, & Raijas, A. (2011). Measuring the financial capability of investors – A case of the customers of mutual funds in Finland. International Journal of Bank Marketing 29 (2), 107-133

Teaching (list of courses)

  • YMAA140 Marketing management
  • YMAS310 Advanced course in consumer behavior