Vaskelainen Taneli, Doctoral Student / Tohtorikoulutettava

Vaskelainen Taneli, Doctoral Student / Tohtorikoulutettava
Corporate Environmental Management


Doctoral student Taneli Vaskelainen M.Sc. (Tech.) is finishing his doctoral dissertation on the emergence and development of carsharing industry in Germany. He is currently involved in the academy of Finland consortium project ELPIS examining the stigma removal from pro-environmental business and consumer behavior. Before his doctoral studies Vaskelainen worked in consultative B2B sales in the IT industry.

Areas of Interest

Sharing economy, Pro-environmental Business Models, Nascent Industries

Research Areas

Business Model Evolution, Environmental Legitimation, Market Categorization, Institutional complexity

Recent Publications

  • Münzel, K., Boon, W., Frenken, K. and Vaskelainen, T., 2017. “Carsharing business models in Germany: characteristics, success and future prospects.” Information Systems and e-Business Management (forthcoming). Available:

  • Vaskelainen T. and Münzel, K.,”The Incumbent and the Grassroots Approach to Sharing Economy: Examining the Business Model Development of German Carsharing Services.” A paper presented in the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in August 2017 in Atlanta, USA

  • Vaskelainen T. & Tura N., Exploring the Problems Associated to the Sharing Economy, A paper presented in 2017 in 5th CR3+ Conference in Helsinki, Finland

  • Vaskelainen T. & Siltaoja M., carsharing, car rental or self-driven taxis: categorical journey of freefloating
    carsharing, A paper presented in 2016 in 32nd EGOS Colloquium (European Group for Organizational
    Studies (EGOS) in Naples, Italy

Work Present in the Media


  • CEMS250 Environmental Strategy and Marketing
  • Co-direction of Master's theses