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ISSN 1455-1578

N:o    40/17    Marita Vos & Irna Van der Molen & Markus Mykkänen: Communication in turbulent times : exploring issue arenas and crisis communication to enhance organisational resilience.
ISBN 978-951-39-7147-2    Only online:  http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-39-7147-2 

N:o    39/09    Annukka Näyhä & Sari Hämäläinen & Hanna-Leena Pesonen: Biorefineries-future Business Opportunity for Forest Cluster. Diffusion of Forest Biorefineries in Scandinavia, North America and South America. (pdf)

ISBN 978-951-39-3504-7     6,30 €

N:o    38/08    Juha Kansikas & Johan Lambrecht (eds.): Studies on Family Business and Entrepreneurship Education: FBE 2008 Conference Proceedings.

ISBN 978-951-39-3315-9   19,90 €

N:o    37/07    Juha Kansikas & Stiina Lehti (eds.): Dimensions on Family Business Research. Vol. 2: Knowledge Creation and Psychological Ownership.

ISBN 978-951-39-2763-9   22,00 €

N:o    36/07    Juha Kansikas & Stiina Lehti (eds.): Dimensions on Family Business Research. Vol. 1: Values and Responsible Ownership.

ISBN 978-951-39-2762-2   20,70 €

N:o    35/06    Jenni Torikka: Franchiseyrittäjäksi ryhtyminen: Empiirinen seurantatutkimus Franchisingyrittäjävalmennuksen 1999-2001 suorittaneista. (lisensiaatintutkimus)

ISBN 951-39-2644-3   22,50 €

N:o    34/06    Matti Koiranen & Francesco Chirico (eds.) with a foreword by dean, prof. Jaakko Pehkonen: Family firms as arenas for trans-generational value creation: a qualitative and computational approach.

ISBN 951-39-2594-3   16,00 €

N:o    33/06    Marjo Siltaoja: The relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation from a value-laden viewpoint. An empirical study in a Finnish newspaper context. (lisenciate thesis)

ISBN 951-39-2590-0   21,50 €

N:o    32/05    Kirsi Hämäläinen: Applicability of the Network Approach in Development of Industrial Ecology Practices.   (licentiate thesis)

ISBN 951-39-2123-9    21,00 €

N:o    31/04    Virve Ollikainen: Gender Differences in Unemployment in Finland . (licentiate thesis)

ISBN 951-39-2026-7 21,00

N:o    30/02    Juha Näsi & Salme Näsi (eds.): Management Tensions and Configurations. Papers on Strategic Management Issues in the Stakeholder Society.

ISBN 951-39-1177-2 20,80

N:o    29/02    Mika Haapanen: Labour Migration and Wages. (licentiate thesis)

ISBN 951-39-1176-4

N:o    28/02    Tarja Niemelä: Inter-Firm Co-operation Capability in the Context of Net-working Family Firms: Conceptual Analysis and Theoretical Framework.  (licentiate thesis)

ISBN 951-39-1175-6 15,75

N:o    27/02    Paula Kyrö

(ed.): Woman Entrepreneurship in the Nordic Countries.  Volume II. Country reports: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
ISBN 951-39-1149-7 22,20

N:o    26/02    Paula Kyrö & Päivi Tyrväinen: Woman Entrepreneurship in the Nordic Countries. Volume I.
ISBN 951-39-1148-9 14,70

N:o    25/00    Minna Mattila: Pricing and Competitive Behaviour of an Oligopoly: A Game Theoretic Approach. (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-39-0687-6 20,18

N:o    24/98    Hanna-Leena Pesonen: From Material Flows to Cash Flows.

(licentiate's thesis)
ISBN 951-39-0379-6 loppunut

N:o    23/98    Päivi Myllykangas: Changing Stakeholder Relationships and their Governance. A Strategy Logic Perspective to Talmu Ltd. (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-39-0237-4 130,00 mk


ISSN 1455-1578

N:o    22/97    Hanne Raatikainen: The Organizational Greening Process: A longitudinal case study of greening in a Finnish peat company. (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-34-0951-1 140,00 mk

N:o    21/96    Jukka Pellinen: Understanding the Functions of Accounting in a Munitions Company (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-34-0791-8 120,00 mk

N:o    20/95    Lassi Linnanen: Environmental Issue Management: An Analysis of Three Cases in the Pulp and Paper Industry (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-34-0669-5 loppunut

N:o    19/95    Mervi Taalas: Three Approaches to Economic Behaviour of Finnish Museums - Studies of Economics of Cultural Institutions

ISBN 951-34-0658-X Loppunut

N:o    18/94    Hannu Tanninen: Corporatism, the Role of Government, and Labour Supply (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-34-0374-2 51,00 mk

N:o    17/94    Merja Kauhanen: The Persistence Effects of Shocks on Wages and Employment in the Insider-Outsider Framework  (licentiate thesis)

ISBN 951-34-0366-1 90,00 mk 

N:o    16/93    Outi Uusitalo: Retail Dis/satisfaction: Framing the Domain of Consumer Dis/satisfaction in a Dynamic Shopping Context (licentiate's thesis)
ISBN 951-34-0095-6 59,00 mk

N:o    15/92    Hannu Törmä & Thomas Rutherford: A general equilibrium assessment of Finland's grand tax reform

ISBN 951-680-793-3 38,50 mk

N:o    14/91    Ari Manninen: Perspectives on accounting - a new conceptual frame (licentiate's thesis)

ISBN 951-680-551-5 64,00 mk

N:o    13/90    Tapio Pento: Acquisition and Valuation of International High Technology Firms

ISBN 951-680-396-2 41,80 mk

N:o    12/89    Matti Estola: Welfare and unemployment effects of tax policy in a unionised economy

ISBN 951-680-042-4 61,00 mk

N:o    11/88    Jaakko Pehkonen: On modelling the aggregate labour market: a study of Finland

ISBN 951-679-908-6 42,00 mk

N:o    10/86    Erkki K. Laitinen: Application of management science in retailing

ISBN 951-679-617-6 75,50 mk

N:o    9/85    Hannu Törmä: Industrial demand for energy in Finland 1960-82

ISBN 951-679-289-8 17,50 mk

N:o    8/85    Erkki K. Laitinen: The effect of a large investment project and technology on profitability ratios

ISBN 951-679-280-4 25,00 mk

N:o    7/84    Hannu Törmä: The demand for energy in Finnish manufacturing 1960-81 - applying sub-models in revealing substitution structures

ISBN 951-6789-277-4 32,00 mk

N:o    6/83    Erkki K. Laitinen: The total and periodic profitability of the firm

ISBN 951-678-976-5 18,00 mk

N:o    5/82    Antti Tanskanen: A Cyclical Growth Model for a Small Open Economy

ISBN 951-678-805-X loppunut

N:o    4/81    Matti Tuomala, Jouko Ylä-Liedenpohja: On the distributional incidence of an increase of the indirect taxation

ISBN 951-678-645-6 11,00 mk

N:o    3/81    Erkki K. Laitinen: A modular approach to business budgeting: the insider's view

ISBN 951-678-628-6 loppunut

N:o    2/81    Erkki K. Laitinen: On the pricing problem in business economics: a life-cycle approach with an empirical questionnaire in finnish industry

ISBN 951-678-525-5 loppunut

N:o    1/79    Rauno Tamminen: Profitability and the financial mechanism of the firm

ISBN 951-678-217-5 loppunut



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