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Haapanen Mika, Senior researcher / Yliopistotutkija



Mika Haapanen, senior researcher, got his doctoral degree in economics in 2003. He visited e.g. University College Dublin, Ireland, in 2017, University of Cambridge, UK, in 2009-2010 and University of Limerick in autumn 2012. Haapanen has taught e.g. mathematical and labour economics, and microeconomics in the past, but currently he coordinates doctoral studies at the JSBE. For example, he gives courses in research methods and scientific writing. Haapanen is also a board member of the JSBE faculty research committee and the Methodology Centre for Human Sciences (IHME).

His main research interests are in labour economics, regional economics, policy evaluation and applied microeconometrics, particularly in questions related to labour migration, education, health and business subsidies.

His research has published e.g. in Journal of Population Economics, Regional Studies, Journal of Regional Science, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Spatial Economic Analysis, and Applied Economics. He has acted as a referee, for example, for Regional Studies, Environment & Planning A, Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy, Papers in Regional Science, Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal, The Manchester School, and International Migration Review.

Areas of Interest

Labour economics, regional economics, policy evaluation, applied microeconometrics, especially questions related to labour migration, education, business subsidies

Research Areas

Human Capital, Labour Markets and Regional Economic Development

Recent Publications

Please visit http://users.jyu.fi/~mphaapan/ for more information. See also website of refereed journal publications of current (and past) economics faculty.

    Teaching (list of courses)

    • TTKJ161 Introduction to doctoral studies ("Johdatus jatko-opintoihin" in Finnish)
    • TTKJ162 Orientation course to research methodology ("Orientoiva kurssi tutkimusmetodologiaan" in Finnish)
    • TTKJ163 Scientific writing and publishing ("Tieteellinen kirjoittaminen ja julkaiseminen" in Finnish)
    • In the past, Haapanen has also taught undergraduate courses in Economics. They include: Mathematical Economics II, Labour Economics I, Microeconomics II, Regional Economics I.




    20. lokakuuta 2017, viikko 42, Kauno, Kasperi. (*)

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