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Onkila Tiina, Senior researcher / Yliopistotutkija

Corporate Environmental Management


Tiina Onkila, senior researcher, received her doctoral degree in corporate environmental management at the University of Jyväskylä in 2009. She teaches in CEM Master’s programme and supervises master level theses. Her latest research project studied the production and use of CSR information in organizational decision making and stakeholder relationships (WINCSR project).

Areas of Interest

Environmental responsibilities in business, stakeholder management, rhetorics, environmental values and cultures, sustainability reporting

Research Areas

Responsibility & Sustainability, Corporate Environmental Management

Recent Publications

  • Onkila, T., Mäkelä, M. and Järvenpää,  M. (online first). Employee sensemaking on the importance of sustainability reporting in sustainability identity change. Sustainable Development. DOI: 10.1002/sd.1696
  • Baumeister, S. and Onkila, T. 2018. Exploring the Potential of an Air Transport Eco-label. European Journal of Tourism Research. Forthcoming.
  • Baumeister, S. and Onkila, T. 2017. An Eco-label for the Airline Industry? Journal of Cleaner Production 142, 4:1368-1376
  • Onkila, T. 2017. Employee rhetoric in the acceptance or rejection of corporate environmentalism. Organization & Environment 30, 2: 142-161
  • Onkila, T. and Siltaoja, M. 2017. One rule to rule them all? Organizational sense-making on corporate responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics 144: 5-20
  • Joensuu, K., Koskela, M. & Onkila, T. 2015. Social proximity and environmental NGO relatioships in corporate sustainability reports. Sustainable Development journal 23, 1: 26-40
  • Onkila, T. 2015. Pride or embarrassment? Employees’ emotions and corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility and environmental management journal 22, 4: 222-236
  • Ruggiero, S., Onkila, T. and Kuittinen, V. 2014. Realizing the social acceptance of community renewable energy: A process-outcome analysis of stakeholder influence. Energy research and social science 4: 53-63
  • Onkila, T., Joensuu, K. Koskela M. 2014. Consequences of managerial framing of stakeholders in environmental reports. Social and environmental accountability Journal 34, 3: 134-156

Teaching (list of courses)

  • CEMA2110 Business, Society and the Environment
  • CEMS2170 Environmental Management in Networks
  • JSBS1110 Research methodology
  • CEMS990 Master's thesis




23. lokakuuta 2017, viikko 43, Severi. (*)

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