Department of Chemistry


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The Department of Chemistry follows the principle of four main strength areas in its actions, which reflect the research profiles of existing research groups. These defined strength areas are also followed in all strategic changes in the departamental research infrastructure and staff recruitment. Our areas of strength are:

Structural and Synthetic Chemistry

Research within this focal area stretches broadly across inorganic and organic chemistry, while also covering some more interdisciplinary fields such as supramolecular and organometallic chemistry as well as materials science. The emphasis is on structural chemistry of molecular systems, including their synthesis, properties and use in different applications. Chemical processes and bonding are examined not only at the single molecule level but also at the nanoscale where all natural materials and systems establish their foundation.

Renewable Natural Resources and Chemistry of Living Environment

The area of strength reflects the applied chemistry research going on in the fields related to societally important industrial areas like paper industry, forest industry, environment and renewable energy combined with biorefining.

An important and rapidly growing research area is the recovery of critical and valuable elements from various waste streams, such as fly ash, waste waters, and electronic waste, while the development of analytical techniques for their analysis also plays a crucial role.

Computational Chemistry and Spectroscopy

The area of strength reflects especially studies to unravel the molecular level processes using optical spectroscopy in its all possible forms. Experimental studies are combined with computational and theoretical investigations  to predict and verify experimental findings. Our computational chemistry and spectroscopy area of strength, similarly to structural chemistry, is closely connected with the NanoScience Center activities within the Faculty of Natural Science at Jyväskylä University.

Chemistry Education

The area of strength reflects the long tradition of Jyväskylä University to pursue for high-level chemistry education and teacher training. We are enforcing research-based chemistry education and teacher training as the cornerstone for developing our own chemistry education as well as promoting the knowledge and skills of future chemistry educators on all levels of education.


Research focuses on molecular nanosystems, where cross-disciplinary approaches are expected to result in new innovations.