Department of Chemistry

Chemistry education

Chemistry education research focuses on understanding and improving learning of chemistry. The aim is to utilize research results in teaching and learning of chemistry, to develop pedagogical content knowledge of students, and to develop chemistry education on all school levels. chemistry education research combines research methods of natural science and human science.

Academic staff

  • Prof. Jan Lundell, Professor, Head of the Department
  • Dr. Jussi Ahokas, University lecturer
  • Dr. Saara Kaski, University teacher
  • Dr. Tiina Kiviniemi, University teacher
  • Dr. Jukka Rautiainen, University teacher
  • Dr. Piia Valto, University teacher
  • Dr. Jouni Välisaari, University teacher
  • M.Sc. Anniina Koliseva, University teacher, LUMA-coordinator
  • M.Sc. Lassi Pyykkö, University teacher, LUMA-coordinator
  • M.Sc. Piia Pölkki, Doctoral student
  • M.Sc. Pirjo Häkkinen, Doctoral student