Department of Chemistry

Dr. Matti Haukka

Career in a nutshell:
M.Sc. 1989 at University of Joensuu, PhD. 1995 at University of Joensuu, Assistant 1995-1997 at University of Joensuu, Junior Research Fellow, Academy of Finland 1998-2000, Senior Research Fellow, Academy of Finland 2000-2005, Senior Assistant at University of Joensuu 2005-2007, Professor in Inorganic Chemistry 2007-20012 at University of Eastern Finland, Professor in Inorganic Chemistry 20012- at University of Jyväskylä.


Research interests:

My main research interests cover catalytically, optically and photophysically active metal complexes and non-covalent intermolecular interactions. I’m particularly interested in extended molecular systems including both covalent polymers with metals in the main chain as well as functional non-covalent assemblies of metal complexes and organic compounds.

Contact information

Office: E509
Tel. +358 40 8054666