Department of Chemistry

Renewable Natural Resources and Chemistry of Living Environment

Renewable biomass resources can be industrially utilized in a number of ways to produce chemicals and fuels. In addition to research for developing further the processes applied in the conventional pulp and paper industry together with chemical industry, novel process concepts related to biorefining are also being developed. In all these cases, generally a better understanding of process chemistry as well as detailed knowledge on the properties of feedstocks and products is needed. In addition, various environmental aspects on the processes are of great importance. These kinds of research and education activities belong to the core areas of the research program “Renewable Natural Resources and Chemistry” in the Department of Chemistry. The Laboratory of Applied Chemistry is an active partner within this program.

Metal Analysis and Recovery Research Group focuses on accurate determination of elements in various sample matrices using state-of-the-art analytical instruments, and on the recovery of critical and valuable elements from waste materials. Recovery of these materials from waste streams, such as fly ash, waste waters, and electronic waste, is crucial in developing circular economy and urban mining in Finland, and might have fundamental consequences for self-sufficiency of critical materials in the EU. Another important research area, with long continued collaboration projects, is the analysis of harmful elements in biological and environmental samples.


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