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Pihko Group – Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Solvent drying system

The major theme of research in the group of prof. Petri Pihko is to establish novel and efficient strategies for chemical synthesis with the help of catalytic transformations, especially organocatalysis and oxidative catalysis. We are developing ready-to-use catalytic tools for synthesis as well as applying them to construct natural products and industrially relevant targets. We pay special attention not only to the generality and wide scope of the transformations, but also to understanding the underlying mechanistic and structural details.

We are always pleased to have international visiting students and researchers joining our group, either for short visits or longer stays! Interested students, at any stage of your studies, should contact Prof. Pihko.

Recent News

  • 3.7. Dr. Toni Metsänen joined the group as a postdoctoral researcher, welcome!
  • 26.6. Our synthesis of the oxabicyclic core of waltheriones C and D features on the cover of Synlett issue 10/2017 - congratulations once more to Mari Ella, Rosy, Juha and Katja!
  • 3.5 Summer intern Toni Väisänen joined the group, welcome!
  • 18.4. Juha and Mona presented the second problem seminar of the year
  • 31.3. Antti N.'s deep dive into the secrets of cooperative... or rather, foldamer catalysts, in collaboration with Imre Pápai's group, was accepted in ACS Catalysis! Congratulations, Antti, Támas and Ádám!
  • 29.3. Juha received a travel grant from the Department of Chemistry for a research visit to the University of Lund. Congratulations, Juha!
  • 3.3. Time for the annual Pihko group skiing trip and winter problem seminar.