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Welcome to the Supramolecular Chemistry Research Group

The research of Supramolecular Chemistry group focuses on the design, synthesis and structures of supramolecular and nano-sized assemblies and the weak intermolecular interactions they manifest. One major area is the synthesis of receptors for cations, anions and ion-pairs and their recognition properties. A growing topic is the design and synthesis of ligands for self-assembled multinuclear coordination compounds e.g. molecular spheres, helicates, cubes, triangles and cages, also MOFs are of interest. The above is based on relatively simple ligands, transition metal ion coordination supplemented with sub-component self-assembly.

Another active areas are the design, synthesis and structural analysis of molecular synthons for halogen bond studies. The group has recently started working on the synthesis and sensor properties of functional gold nanoparticles.

Single crystal X-ray crystallography is an integral part and is heavily involved in all areas of the research group. Projects lie at the interface between synthetic chemistry, structural chemistry and nano-related materials science and aim to the understanding of the weak intermolecular interactions which are responsible for the functionalities observed.

Keywords: Weak Intermolecular Interactions, Single Crystal X-ray Crystallography, Crystal Engineering, Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry, Resorcinarene Chemistry, Molecular & Subcomponent Self-Assembly, Coordination Chemistry, Anion binding, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, UV-Vis spectroscopy, Metal-organic Frameworks, Hydrogen Bonding, Halogen Bonding, NanoChemistry